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2022 | How to Screenshot Only One Monitor on Windows 10

Crystal Chen Updated on May 23, 2022| min read

It's common to see the digital marketers facing two monitors, which can help increase work efficiency. One monitor is used to write content, and the other is for controlling data. The dual-screen setup provides many benefits but also causes some confusion in some areas. For instance, when you want to take a screenshot of only one screen with dual monitors. 

dual monitors

So how to screenshot only one monitor? Here you find the answer in this post. You can use the Windows screenshots method as well as the third-party screenshot tool. Each method provided can be useful for you. 

Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting
1. Take a Screenshot on Only One Monitor with Snip & Sketch Download and install Snip & Sketch on your computer. Then, press the Windows logo key + S...Full steps
2. Screenshot Monitor via ShareX Download ShareX and then choose "Capture" from the toolbar..Full steps
Bonus Tips: Take Screenshots With Custom Hotkey on PC/Mac If you want to take a screenshot for your screen with custom hotkey, try...Full steps

How to Screenshot Only One Monitor on Windows 10 - Two Methods

To screenshot one display with dual monitors, try the Windows tools or third-party software. Choose one of them. 

Method 1. Take a Screenshot on Only One Monitor with Snip & Sketch

As a Windows snipping tool, Snip & Sketch offers several options to help you take a snapshot for monitors. You can use it to avoid taking screenshots from the monitor you don't want. All you need is to install this tool from Microsoft Store and ensure your mouse cursor is putting at the display that you want to take a snapshot of.

The only limitation is that Snip & Sketch cannot offer many editing functions. Therefore, you should paste your images to a clipboard like Paint. Here, you can follow the below steps to take a snapshot of your desired monitor. 

find snip sketch

How to take a screenshot of only one monitor on Windows 10, using Snip & Sketch: 

Step 1. Navigate to the Microsoft Store App and type its name. Click the "Get" button to install this software on Windows 10. 

Step 2. After the Snip & Sketch is installed on your PC, you open it to apply its screenshot methods. On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key + S to find it. Double click it to perform this tool. 

Step 3. Three options are listed at the top toolbar, including Rectangle Clip, Freeform Clip, and Fullscreen Clip. To take screenshots of only one monitor, apply the Rectangle Clip. Use your mouse to select the target monitor for screenshots. 

Step 4. To finish it, release your mouse. And the image can be copied to the clipboard. Tools like Paint can be your choice. 

screen sketch

Note: Avoid using Fullscreen in Snip & Sketch as it cannot deal with one monitor when using dual screens. 

Method 2. Screenshot One Monitor via ShareX

While many screenshot tools are unable to deal with one monitor when facing dual screens, ShareX is a tool that can achieve this operation. Its screenshot options have the Monitor selection for the target monitor. 

Meanwhile, as an open-source tool, ShareX can capture your screen and audio with a few simple clicks. It's a free solution to apply many helpful tools and save your work into its screenshot folder. 

sharex to take a screenshot

Look at this guide on how to screenshot only one Monitor on Windows 10, using ShareX:

Step 1. Download ShareX from the official website and open it. From the left side toolbar, click "Capture". 

Step 2. You can see Fullscreen, Window, Monitor, and other options. Here you choose "Monitor" to target the desired screen. Also, with the mouse, you can easily select an area to be taken. Release it to finish your task. 

Step 3. View snapshots from ShareX's Screenshot folder. Navigate to the side toolbar again and click the button. 

Believe that you have learned the method to screenshot only one monitor with dual screens. However, it's much easier if you have just one monitor. Keep on reading the below part.

How to Screenshot Only One Monitor via the PrintScreen button?

Unfortunately, you cannot. You may want to know whether it's accessible only to screenshot one display with dual monitors. The answer is that it's hard to use PrintScreen to take only one monitor as this button is mainly used to deal with all screens of monitors. When using one keyboard, the dual screens will be selected at the same time. Therefore, it's not quite suitable.

Bonus Tips: Take Screenshots With Custom Hotkey on PC/Mac

To screenshot only one monitor with dual screens, the Windows default method is useful. However, if you have only one monitor at home, try the beneficial screenshot tool, EaseUS RecExperts. It has many benefits, such as customing the hotkey of taking screenshots. You can use F1 to F12 shortcut based on your choice. The image is saved in PNG format. 

Most importantly, not only take screenshots on a single monitor, but also you can use it to record screen on PC. Also, it allows capturing the audio, choosing the sound resources from the system or external microphone. 

To explore more functions, try it yourself! Registration is not required in the trial version. 

Main features of this all-in-one screenshot tool and recorder: 

  • Take a screenshot from the saved video in PNG format
  • Capture the screen, audio, webcam, and gameplay
  • Record desktop audio and system sound
  • Customize the hotkey of taking snapshots from F1 to F12
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