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3 Methods | How to Record a Podcast Remotely in 2022

Crystal Chen Updated on Feb 23, 2022| min read

Nowadays, some situations make remote podcasting necessary. While recording video or audio in a long distance can be affected by different factors, such as external noises, unstable connection, etc. Also, finding a suitable recording tool is needed. So, how to make high-quality Podcast recordings remotely? This post provides several Podcast recording software with detailed guides on how to record a Podcast remotely. 

Preparation to Record Podcast Remotely

You need to prepare external devices like a microphone to capture your voice and headphones to pick up feedback during the recording. Also, remote recording software is needed. Because Podcasts are usually in audio, it's necessary to record high-quality sound in a quiet room.

What You Need to Prepare:

  • Ensure there is a strong internet connection between participants
  • Avoid having too many noises in the recording environment
  • Find a good microphone to enhance the sound quality
  • Choose the best Podcast recording software as you like

How to Record a Podcast Remotely for Video & Audio

There're methods to record a Podcast remotely, using audio recorders like Audacity, conference call app, etc. 

1. Record High-quality Podcast Audio via Audacity - Sound Recorder

If you want to record audio in high quality, Audacity can be your choice. This is a dedicated sound recorder and editor, with various functions to deal with media files. For recording Podcasts, it can record the external sound from the microphone. After that, you can mix the audio files with built-in tools. 


  • Open source audio recorder on Windows/Mac
  • Record the Podcast sound in high quality
  • As an audio mixer for editing sound files

audacity record audio

How to record Podcast with Audacity:

Step 1. Download and install Audacity on the computer. Connect your microphone with the computer. Enable the external sound option in Audacity. 

Step 2. Then, from the main interface, you need to click the "Record" to start recording Podcast audio. 

Step 3. Once done, hit the End button. View the recorded audio in the saving path. 

2. Capture Podcast Video with Zoom - Video Conference App

Do you know that Zoom can record a Podcast remotely? Known as the meeting call software, it can also record the screen with audio when hosting a video call. Also, it allows recording the separate audio for each participant. 

You can use the best Zoom settings for Podcasts. First of all, click "Settings" > "Recording". Enable the second option in the window. Next, to adjust the audio resource, you need to click "Audio" > "High-fidelity music mode". 


  • Reliable video call software on various platforms
  • Built-in recorder for the host

record podcast in zoom

How to record a Podcast interview remotely, using Zoom:

Step 1. Download the Zoom app from the official website. Then, go to Settings to enable the recording options. 

Step 2. Back to the main interface after settings. Host a meeting and invite people if you like. Click the Record button on the bottom side. Then, perform the Podcast resources while starting the meeting. 

Step 3. Once done, end the recording task. Find the recorded Podcast in the saving path. 

How to record Zoom meetings as a participant?

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Record Zoom Meeting without Permission

If you are not the host, then how do you record Zoom video calls with sound? Follow this post to learn effective recording methods. 

3. Record Video/Audio Podcast Squadcast - Web-based Software

Known as the helpful Podcast interview software, SquadCast can help remotely record Podcasts as well. You can use its "green room" option to let all audiences can join the call. Both parties have a fast internet connection. Also, you can save the recorded audio in WAV and MP3.

Here are more features. Then, follow the recording steps below. 


  • Sound quality is better when choosing WAV audio format
  • Updated functions to support Podcast
  • Use a link to send to your partner

squadcast record podcast

How to record long-distance Podcast interviews:

Step 1. Download SquadCast and install it. Create a video call room with your partner. 

Step 2. Find its video recording function and use it to record the whole screen show. Once done, hit "Stop". It automatically uploads the audio from both sides. 

Bonus Tips: Best Podcast Recording Software for Windows/Mac

Believe that you have learned about how to record Podcasts remotely. Actually, if you want to record Podcast audio with desktop recording software, it is much easier. As a beneficial screen and audio recorder, EaseUS RecExperts can use its markable functions to help you record podcast audio and video on Windows and Mac. 

For output recording, you can choose the audio format like MP3, OGG, etc. And for video, you can select the format in MP4, AVI, etc. Also, you can edit other settings like bitrate, quality, etc. 

Key Features:

  • Record screen, audio, and gameplay
  • Capture app sound without notification
  • Use the task schedule to operate the recording mission
  • Built-in trimmer to edit recordings

Free download this best Podcast recorder now! No registration is needed.

Here is a list of steps on recording high-quality Podcast audio:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS RecExperts and click on the "Audio" button to start the audio recording mode.

audio recording mode

Step 2. If you want to customize the sound source, click on the icon in the lower-left corner. If you need to record the streaming audio, only turn on the "System sound". If it's necessary to capture your voice at the same time, select "Microphone and system sound" and adjust the volume in "Options". Then, tap on "REC" to start the recording.

Streaming Audio Recorder

Step 3. During the recording, you will see this toolbar on your screen. When you want to stop recording, click on the red button.   

stop recording

Step 4. Then, a media player will appear, and it will play the audio just recorded. There is a built-in tool for you to trim the audio freely.

play recorded audio

FAQs About Remote Podcast Recording

Some related questions are gathered from the public. 

1. Can you record a Podcast on Zoom?

Yes, you can. Zoom can record Podcast video and audio. While you can only record Podcasts on Zoom as a host or receive the recording agreement from the host. 

2. What is the best app for recording Podcasts?

Software like Zoom, SquadCast, Zencastr, and Iris are helpful for recording Podcasts remotely. You can go back to the above part to see more details for some of them. 

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