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Doodle Calendar Alternatives: Best 9 Meeting Scheduler

Vanessa Chiang updated on Feb 26, 2021 to EaseUS RecExperts | How-to Articles

Nowadays, people need to worry about problems that are more troublesome in the new social circumstance. For example, if you and your colleagues work separately at home, you have to hold online meetings one after another when you need to confer with them. A lot of time is wasted in scheduling the meetings since everyone has his/her own time arrangement.

If you want to save time as much as possible, it's a good choice to use a meeting scheduler app to schedule a meeting. This post will introduce the best 9 meeting proposal software that can assist you in scheduling meetings. Each of them has its own features, and there must be a suitable one for you.

Top 9 Meeting Scheduler Apps for 2021:

Bonus Tips: >>How to Schedule Recording an Online Meeting

1. Doodle 

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Web

Doodle is one of the most popular meeting scheduler apps that allows you to schedule a meeting. Doodle can be considered a polling app in which you can create a poll, and every attendee can choose from those time suggestions in the poll so that you will know when is the best time for holding the meeting.

Its website is user-friendly and clean, you don't spend much time finding the button you should click, and you can quickly realize what you need to do in the next step. You are also able to use this service on mobile phones, as it offers you both the Android and iOS versions. Those mobile apps are intuitive, just like its website.

doodle calendar

2. Rally 

Compatibility: Web

This is an extremely easy-to-use doodle poll alternative you can choose. You don't even need to create an account and log in, you only need to fill in your name, email address, and the event details of the online meeting, then select the alternative dates on the calendar. Then, fill in the participants' email addresses and click on the "Create Event" button to invite them to vote.

As a Doodle poll alternative, Rally doesn't have as many features as Doodle, but this tool is totally free. If you want to reduce the cost in both time and money, Rally may be a wonderful choice.

rally a meeting

3. Calendly 

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Web, Browser Extension

Calendly is a rich-featured meeting times planner you can use conveniently. This meeting scheduler is compatible with both Android and iOS. And if you are a PC user, you can use this scheduler directly on the web or install the browser extension, email plug-in, and desktop app to use it. Calendly offers you many ways to use it, and there must be a suitable one for you.

Moreover, you can connect your Google calendar, Office 365, Outlook, or iCloud to your account on Calendly, and it will test if there is any conflict in time so that you won't double booked.


4. Woven 

Compatibility: Web, Windows, macOS, iOS

If you want to find the meeting proposal software that can be a Calendly alternative, Woven is an option. This schedule assistant offers you a desktop app on Windows and macOS. This is good news for Mac users since most of the meeting schedulers compatible with Mac are online tools instead of delicate desktop apps.

Sometimes you may feel tired of filling in the same information again and again because you have to hold online conferences repeatedly with the same group of people. Using Woven, you can create a template that contains the frequently-used information so that you can save a lot of time.

woven meeting

5. ScheduleOnce 

Compatibility: Web

This schedule assistant software can work as a Calendly alternative since it can also integrate with many popular calendars, including Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar, or Apple Calendar. It also gives you the ability to integrate this tool with online meeting platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Webex Meetings, etc. But you can only use it on web pages, which may be inconvenient for some mobile users.

To save your time, you can choose a suitable meeting scenario from the many ones this tool provides, such as one-on-one meetings, group secessions, or a quick call.

schedule once

6. Acuityscheduling 

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Web

This meeting scheduler app is suitable for those who are willing to set up their availability one after another because you need to manually fill in the specific times when people are able to book their appointments with you, and it's time-consuming for some people.

The same as Calendly, this tool also allows you to integrate your account with various calendars like iCloud, Google Calendar, Office 365, and Exchange. 

acuity scheduling

7. Google Calendar 

Compatibility: Web, iOS, Android

Most people have their own Google account, making it easy to access one of the most convenient meeting scheduler apps, Google Calendar. You can click on the button in the upper left corner to create a new event. Then you can add your guest and click "Find a Time," and you will see everyone's calendar and their availability so that you can schedule the meeting at an appropriate time.

What's more, you may have stored the contact information of your friends or colleagues in Google. Therefore you don't need to spend time filling in their phone numbers or email address. Google Calendar is deeply integrated with Google's other apps, and you can use that information directly. This Google scheduling tool is worth trying.

google calendar

8. X.ai 

Compatibility: iOS, Web

This meeting scheduling app is based on the utilization of AI. There are two AI assistants in this app, and if you want to schedule a meeting with someone, you can send an email to your AI assistant and give it the instruction. After that, your AI assistant will help you make sure that the appointment is set correctly.

Before reaching out to the attendees, X.ai will verify the details of the meeting with you. Therefore you don't need to worry about uncertainty, and everything is in your control.

x ai interface

9. NeedToMeet 

Compatibility: iOS, Android, Email Plugin, Web

For many people who want to find free Doodle poll alternatives, NeetToMeet is a great option. You can schedule a meeting in two simple steps by starting a poll. Then you can send a unique URL to the attendees to invite them to select the time for holding the meeting. You will never worry that your private information is disclosed because you can send the invitation using your own email program.

When it's necessary for attendees to discuss the time arrangement, they can leave a comment to share their thought will others. And in this way, they can better communicate with each other and reach a compromise. 

need to meet

Bonus Tips: How to Schedule Recording a Meeting 

After you schedule a meeting, you may want to do some other preparation. For example, if you are accustomed to recording meetings and then reviewing those recordings later to retrospect some details, you may want to schedule a recording for a meeting.

Some available online meeting recording tools are helpful. Among those, we will take EaseUS RecExperts for Windows as an example and show you the detailed steps to set a task scheduler for recording the meetings.

This meeting recording tool is designed for beginners. If you don't know how to record an online meeting, don't worry, the intuitive main interface will guide you to find the button you need to click. When you add a new task, you can set a start time and choose to repeat the recording on any day of the week. 

In addition to that, you can also customize some other settings. For instance, you can choose the recording area and audio source freely, and it's also possible for you to decide if it records the Webcam.

More Features:

If you need to set a task scheduler to record the online meetings, this is a wonderful recording tool that you can't miss. You can install this recorder on your PC and follow the tutorial to do that. This software is clean and safe.

Now, we will show you how to set a task scheduler and record online meetings automatically.

Step 1. Create a Screen Recording Schedule Task

Download and launch the software on your computer. Click one of the four function buttons as your demand. Then click on the option that says "Task Scheduler" to add and manage tasks to the program. Then, select the "New task" option to add a new schedule to the program.

add recording schedule with EaseUS RecExperts

Step 2. Configure the Scheduled Recording Task

On the following screen, you need to define how your screen should be recorded. Click on the "Start time" box and specify a start time, select an end time, choose what area of your screen should be recorded, add an audio input, specify other options, and finally hit "OK".

configure schedule ro record screen

Step 3. Edit or Delete a Scheduled Recording

If you change your mind and you would like to edit the scheduled recording time or other options, or if you would like to delete the schedule altogether, you can do so easily. Get back to the "Task Scheduler" screen and click on either the "Edit" or "Delete" icon.

manage schedules of recording screen

Step 4. View Your Scheduled Screen Recordings

Once your scheduled time has passed, the software will have captured and saved a video file of your screen recording. You can access this file by clicking on the "Video List" option on the main interface of the software. All of the recordings that you make using this tool are saved here.

view recordings from scheduel tasks


When more and more people attend various online meetings, webinars, or classes, it's necessary to find a useful meeting scheduler app to schedule those events. Therefore, this post introduced the best 9 meeting scheduling apps with different features and functions. And you can choose the most appropriate one for you.

Besides that, if you need to record those online events for later reviewing, a powerful screen recorder is essential. This post talked about EaseUS RecExperts and offered a tutorial on setting a task scheduler using this software. Follow it to record what you need now.

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