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How to Manage and Create Breakout Rooms in Zoom

Jane Zhou Updated on Apr 14, 2022| min read

Because of the Covid-19, remote working has become more and more popular all over the world. While speaking of working at home, you surely know some video conference software like Zoom, which is one of the most popular programs. It helps you stay connected wherever you work. 

If you are a leader, you may often need to gather your staff to exchange ideas. Sometimes, you might want to group particular people into teams to concentrate on different topics. At that time, you can try the Breakout Rooms in Zoom, which lets you separate participants into small groups. If you don't know how to do breakout rooms in Zoom, stick around here to find the solution!

how to do breakout room in zoom

What is Zoom Breakout Room

As its name indicates, the Breakout room is the way to break a large meeting into small meetings to concentrate on different topics in Zoom. 

Zoom allows you to split the large meeting into up to 50 small sessions automatically or manually if you are the host. Besides, you can flexibly switch participants between sessions.

The good:

  • Every participant has full video, audio, and screen share capabilities
  • You can move around participants freely
  • spur participants discourse
The Breakout room function is only available in the Zoom desktop version. That's to say, you cannot create and manage breakout rooms on your iPhone or Android.

How to Create Breakout Rooms in Zoom on Windows/Mac

Actually, it is straightforward to make a breakout room in Zoom. All you need to do is to enable the function and follow the below tutorial to get it down. But before that, you need to make sure that:

  • Use the desktop version
  • You are the host 

Stage 1. Enable the Breakout Room

Step 1. Go to Zoom's official website, and sign in to your account.

Sign in Zoom

Step 2. Once signed successfully, click "My Account" in the top-right corner. Next, select the "Settings" option under the Personal tab on the left pane.

Zoom settings

Step 3. In the Meeting tab, click "In Meeting (Advanced). Then find the Breakout Room icon, and toggle the switch to the right to turn it on. Finally, the Breakout Room feature is enabled successfully, and you can create Zoom Breakout Rooms based on your needs.

Enable Breakout Room

Stage 2. Do Breakout Rooms in Zoom

Step 1. Launch the Zoom application on your PC or Mac.

Step 2. You can choose to start an instant or scheduled meeting by clicking "New Meeting" or "Schedule". Make sure that you are the host, or you cannot make breakout rooms.

Create new Zoom meeting

Step 3. When the meeting begins, click "Breakout Rooms" on the lower right corner of the screen.

Create Breakout Room

Step 4. Select the number of rooms you want to create, and the participants to the rooms. Here you can choose the way you like to assign the participants:

  • Automatically: Zoom will split your participants up evenly into each of the rooms
  • Manually: Choose which participants you would like in each room

Assign participants

Step 5. Then click "Create Breakout Rooms". After you have created the rooms, you can still move around participants.

How to Manage Breakout Rooms in Zoom

Now, you have learned the way to make breakout rooms in Zoom; however, you may have some difficulty managing these Zoom breakout rooms. So, in the following, we will provide you with a detailed guide to managing the breakout room in Zoom:

Step 1. You can see all the breakout rooms. Also, you can hover over to move, rename, reassign, and delete people from various rooms.

Manage breakout room

Step 2. For advanced settings, you can find them in the "Option" tab:

  • Set breakout rooms to close after the time you set
  • Decide how much control you want participants to have in these sessions
  • Set a countdown timer 

Manage Zoom meeting

Bonus Tip: How to Record Zoom Meeting Without Permission

Whether you are in a Breakout Room meeting or a large Zoom meeting, you might want to record the meetings for later checking or viewing. Although the recording feature is available in Zoom, you can do it only when you get the host's permission. Or you may want to record Zoom meetings without others knowing. Given that, a powerful Zoom meeting recording app would be helpful.

EaseUS RecExperts is such a program that lets you record Zoom meetings without permission. In addition, it also helps you record Microsoft teams meeting, Google meet, Webex meeting, etc. It performs perfectly in recording live streaming videos with the original quality and then exporting them in various formats.

The benefits:

  • Record screen flexibly, like full screen, partial screen, etc.
  • Allow capturing screen, webcam, and audio simultaneously
  • Start, stop and split your recordings automatically
  • Provide some editing tools

Here's how to record a Zoom meeting without permission:

Step 1. Open Recorder While Joining a Meeting

Download EaseUS RecExperts and install it. Open the recording software and then host or join a meeting in Zoom app. Select the recording area in "Full Screen" or "Region" from the Zoom recorder. To capture the whole screen for the video meeting, you need to choose "Full Screen". For recording a selected area, click "Region". 

record video call in zoom

Step 2. Adjust Zoom Meeting Output Settings

Here, you can choose the output format, quality, frame rate, and other options to record Zoom meeting. From the main interface of this recorder, click "Settings" to apply options.

audio or video setting for zoom meeting

Step 3. Set the Audio for Video Meeting

You can record audio from Zoom app by enabling the "System sound" option. Find and click the sound icon in the lower left corner. Here you can set the audio resource and adjust the volume. If you want to record microphone sound for Zoom meeting, enable the "Microphone" option, which captures audio from your microphone. 

Then, hit "OK" to apply the audio settings in Zoom meeting. Click "REC" to start recording. 

adjust the audio for zoom meeting

Step 4. Stop Recording Zoom Meeting

Before stopping, you have options to take a screenshot. To end the recording, you can hit the red square icon. 

while recording zoom video call

Step 5. View the Recorded Zoom Video

After that, a new window with the recorded video will pop up. Or you can go back to its interface and hit "Recordings". Here, you can preview, rename, and even trim the Zoom meeting video. 

If you want to find where the recorded meeting video is saved on your computer, choose "Open the file location". 

view the zoom recording video

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