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[2022] Best Recording Settings for OBS | How-to Tutoiral

Crystal Chen Updated on May 23, 2022| min read

OBS is open-source software for video capturing. It is often used for capturing YouTube and other popular platforms. Also, it's a professional utility as it has advanced settings for adjusting the quality of video and audio. Like setting the proper frame rate of a video and bitrate of audio. Therefore, you can deliver a satisfied video. 

find settings for obs

Here, this post provides you with the best recording settings for OBS and the guide to use it. Meanwhile, you can view one OBS alternative, which is simple for beginners to capture screen, audio, webcam, and gameplay. 

Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting
Fix 1. Adjust Video Bitrate If you want medium quality, then change the bitrate to 800 Kbps...Full steps
Fix 2. Set Audio Bitrate You need to know that the higher the bitrate of audio, the clearer the sound can be...Full steps
Fix 3. Hidden Advanced Settings In OBS, you need to find the Advanced options from the Output...Full steps
Fix 4. Set the Hotkey for Your Habit OBS allows you to change the hotkey to operate the related task...Full steps

OBS Best Recording Settings

Everyone wants to get a video of better quality. Do you know how? Actually, you need to set some options like bitrate, frame rate, etc. The values vary for many reasons, such as the upload time, computer storage, etc. 

The information provided below can only be used as a recommendation. Change it based on your actual situation. It mainly introduces the suggestive bitrate for video and audio, and other advanced settings. 

1. Adjust Video Bitrate

bitrate obs

It especially depends on the upload speed. In the default setting, it should be 2500 Kbps. Adjust it in terms of the quality of the video. If you apply the maximum value, it meets your special needs. Here, see the below recommendation. 

  • Poor Quality: Bitrate is around 400 Kbps
  • Medium Quality: Bitrate is about 800 Kbps
  • High Definition: Bitrate is more than 1200 Kbps

2. Set Audio Bitrate

The higher the bitrate of audio, the clearer the sound can be. This factor is related to the Internet connection and the external equipment like the microphone. To get the ideal project, refer to the below suggestion.

  • Low Quality: Bitrate is below 70 Kbps
  • Medium Quality: Bitrate is around 100 Kbps
  • High Quality: Bitrate is from 200 to 250 Kbps
For professional users, find a tool named OBS Bitrate Settings Calculator. As requirements from the public are different, it's better to calculate it yourself. It provides you with the solution, and you need to change the value yourself.

3. Apply Hidden Advanced Settings

advanced settings for obs

Find the Advanced options from the Output. The benefit of OBS is its advanced settings, and you will have more options. It is one of the best recording settings for OBS, which is also a hidden option.

4. Set the Hotkey for Your Habit

hotkey settings for obs

To meet your custom, OBS allows changing the hotkey options to operate the related task. Press your keyboard to set it. For example, let the Space button start capturing and F3 stop it. Remember to change it before recording. 

Have to say that there are many options in OBS, the obvious or hidden features. Therefore, it's quite suitable for professional users to explore more features. To begin your task, better follow the below guide. 

How to Capture Screen and Audio with OBS

After adjusting some options in this software, follow the below guide to start capturing. 

rec obs

Step 1. Download OSB and open it. In its main interface, find "Source" and then right-click your mouse at the box. Then, choose "Add". Based on your need to record screen on PC or capture audio, choose it correctly.

To capture the screen, select "Display capture". For audio, hit "Audio Input/Output Capture". Type the name on the box.

Step 2. To start the mission, click "Start Recording" from the left bottom toolbar. You can see the time of "REC" is changing. 

Step 3. If you want to stop it, click "Stop Recording". From the bottom toolbar, the saved location shows. Find it in that file. 

Alternative to OBS - Easy for Screen Capturing

Believe that you are clear about the best recording settings for OBS. If you think OBS is difficult to operate, try the alternative tool, EaseUS RecExperts. This Windows screen recorder is commonly accepted by the public for its simple interface and easy operations. It can deal with your screen, audio, webcam, and gameplay. 

The obvious advantage is its Settings for video, audio, and other advanced options. Unlike other professional tools, it is especially for common users. You can change the related settings easily. Such as changing the output format of audio, including MP3, AAC, WAV, OGG, etc. Also, set the bitrate and sampling rate of audio. 

To explore more useful functions of this helpful screen and audio recorder, try it yourself!

Main features of this tool:

Look at the simple guide to help you deliver the best project:

Step 1. After downloading, launch the screen recording software. You'll encounter a small panel on your screen with many options.

Homepage of EaseUS RecExperts

Step 2. On the panel, one can record the entire screen by clicking on the "Full Screen" option or a specific region by clicking on the "Region" option. Now, drag your cursor onto the screen to select the desired area.

Select area to take screenshots

Step 3. For webcam recording, attach a webcam and click on the "Webcam" button from the main panel. Also, one can further choose the output format, quality, and frame rate from the settings.

Adjust recording settings

Step 4. Now, click on the "REC" button to start your recording.

Start screen recording on Windows 11

Step 5. Click on the "Stop" button once you are done. The recorded video will show up on the screen when a user stops recording. The editing features offers features like trim, rename a file or extract audio, and more. You can also take a screenshot by simply pressing F11.

View recorded file

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