Tutorial of Memory Stick Data Recovery

This article is a tutorial of recovering data from a memory stick, which can help us recover data from many storage devices under Windows. No worry about memory stick data loss. Download and run EaseUS Data Recovery. We have written the details below. Try it to save your data.

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Memory Stick Data Loss

Today we will talk about USB memory stick data loss and learn the tutorial of USB memory stick data recovery.

Memory Stick is a detachable flash memory card type and is also utilized in all-purpose to define the entire group of Memory Sticks. Added to the unique USB Memory Stick, this entire group comprises the Memory Stick PRO, a revised version that permits greater storage volume and fast file transferring speed. 
However, for a certain reason, memory sticks may get impaired during a power scarcity, or sudden removal while capturing images or viewing them from the memory cards.

"I am using a 32GB USB to store videos. This USB always works well. However, it goes wrong. All of the files on this USB memory stick are gone after I remove the USB and reconnect it to the computer."

The above message is from a tech forum. A user asked for help saying all files on his USB memory stick are gone and wanted to find a way to do data recovery. As a result, here we give a USB memory stick recovery tutorial to help.

What Causes Memory Stick Data Loss

Generally, the reasons for USB memory stick data loss are as follow:

  • Accidentally format the USB memory stick
  • Wrongly delete data in the USB memory stick
  • Computer viruses and worms infection or corruption.
  • Damage due to a power failure or surge
  • Unexpected system shutdown or application failure.
  • Other unknown reasons

Once find there is data loss in the USB memory stick, we should stop any operation which will cause overwriting. The faster we perform data recovery, the more chances we get to recover the lost data.

How to Recover USB Memory Stick Data

To make it, we could use data recovery software to recover data from USB memory stick easily and safely, here EaseUS recovery software - Data Recovery Wizard is highly recommended for USB memory stick recovery. Let's check its features first.

sd card cut file recovery

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard - The Best Memory Stick Recovery Software

  • Recover deleted, formatted, and inaccessible data in different data loss situations.
  • Recover photos, audio, music, and emails from any storage effectively, safely, and completely.
  • Recover data from the recycle bin, hard drive, memory card, flash drive, digital camera, and camcorder.

Download EaseUS Recovery software and follow the guide below to recover lost data in the USB memory stick.

Steps of Memory Stick Recovery

Now please watch this video tutorial to see how to recover data with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

  • Step 1. Select a location to scan.
  • Step 2. Select files to recover.
  • Step 3. Recover lost data.

Besides USB memory stick data recovery, we can also use Data Recovery Wizard to recover data from other storage media such as RAID, hard drive, USB flash drive, digital camera, digital audio player, SD card, compact flash, etc. under Windows.

The Bottom Line

That's all about memory stick recovery, hope you could solve your problem after reading this post. If you have any question, feel free to contact our support team through email: [email protected]

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