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Fix USB Flash Drive Not Working on Windows 10/7

Posted on Jan 24, 2017 by Jean to Resource


Check the symptoms of USB flash drive not working on Windows 10/7, and apply the suggested methods to fix and repair USB flash drive, pen drive or USB thumb drive without losing data files.

With a portable USB memory stick and flash drive, we can transfer work or school paper, multimedia files easily from PC or between USB drives in order to keep them as a backup or just be able to access the files everywhere. Only when USB flash drive not working, we find ourselves in trouble.

Symptoms of USB Flash Drive Not Working on Windows 10/7

How to Fix USB Flash Drive Not Working Problem on Windows 10/7 Without Losing Data?

The events of USB not working problem mentioned above are the most popular ones people may encounter. To fix the specific USB errors, just click the link we left where the relevant solution has been provided.

In addition, grab the general troubleshooting methods in the following which show you what to do if USB flash drive is not woking on Windows 10 or Windows 7.

Step 1. Recover data from USB flash drive not working

Always give priority to your precious data in USB flash drive that is not working anymore. As long as Windows still detects the drive, you shall instantly download EaseUS hard drive recovery software to rescue your documents & large size multimedia files at first, otherwise new data would overwrite the disappearing contents easily.

It takes 3 steps to recover data from not working USB flash drive with EaseUS recovery software.

1) Select the USB flash drive and let the software to scan data.
2) Run a quick scan and deep scan to find lost data.
3) From the scanning results, select files and click "recover" to get them back.

recover data from not working usb flash drive with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Step 2. 3 methods to fix USB flash drive not working problem

Solution 1. Try a different USB port or PC

Inserting the stick into another USB port on your PC or connect it to another PC to exclude the problem is not from the USB flash drive itself.

Solution 2. Update USB driver

There's another chance that your USB flash drive has no problem, and the error is caused by an outdated driver in your PC.

  • To check for a new driver, go to Computer, right click on your USB's icon and click on Properties.
  • Go to the Hardware tab and find General USB Flash Disk USB Device. Select it and click the Properties button below.
  • In the next pop-up, click the Change settings button.
  • Another pop-up will appear – go to the Driver tab and click the Update Driver… button.
  • Next, select the first option Search automatically for updated driver software and follow the instructions.

Solution 3. Check & repair USB drive partition error

USB flash drive corrupted, damaged or bad sectors on it will cause the not working issue, and it's kind of a big problem. You can fix USB flash drive not working using cmd, or just download EaseUS free partition manager and use the corrupted microSD or USB repair software to check and repair the USB drive partition error.

1) Right-click on the USB flash drive and choose "Check partition".

check and repair not working usb flash drive

2) On the Check partition window, you got 3 options to go: Check Partition Properties, Call Windows Chkdsk to fix errors & Surface Test. Tick the first two terms. Check partition is for checking file system errors, while Call Windows Chkdsk.exe will fix errors if it found some. Wait until the corrupted memory card/USB repair software finishing checking your corrupted card.

check and repair not working usb flash drive

3) Once errors were found, Windows Chkdsk.exe application would pop out immediately and perform the repair.

Or, you can take the last measure to fix USB flash drive not working problem by formatting the drive and use it as new.

1) Go back to the main window of EaseUS partition software. Instead of choosing "Check partition", please go to "Format partition".

format not working usb flash drive

2) A mini window pops out, on which you can edit the partition label and choose a file system such as FAT/FAT32, NTFS, EXT2/EXT3.

format not working usb flash drive

3) Click "Apply" to confirm to format the USB flash drive.

Formatting will cause complete data loss in your USB flash drive. If you have not created the backup beforehand, again, try EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to recover formatted USB flash drive.