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Solution for Windows 10 Delete/Format/RAW Recovery

Posted on May 10, 2016 by Tracy King to Resource


If you are suffering from Windows 10 delete, format or RAW issues and find no effective way to restore lost data, don’t be panic. EaseUS will provide effective methods here in this passage to guide you to make Windows 10 delete/format/RAW recovery now.

1. Overview of Windows 10 data delete/format/RAW issue

As a milestone of Microsoft Windows system, Windows 10 has gained quite a big proportion in the worldwide Windows market. With the increase of Windows 10 users, more problems are coming with newly released Windows 10 build systems. And deleting, formatting and RAW issues are the top three problems making Windows 10 users helpless and resourceless for deleted, formatted or RAW recovery.

Deleting, formatting or RAW issues in Windows 10 may cause serious data loss problems for inexperienced Windows 10 users. Data loss issues such as file delete, storage device format or hard drive partition/file system RAW may all cause serious results for Windows 10 users. How to prevent and fix the Windows 10 delete/format/RAW issues? Here the following, you'll find reasons and solutions for Windows 10 delete/format/RAW issues. 

2. Reasons for Windows 10 Delete/Format/RAW issues

Knowing the reasons for Windows 10 delete/format/RAW issues will be very helpful to help all Windows users to under stand how they lost data under Windows 10 or other systems and how to prevent similar issues from happening again. Furthermore, it will also be very helpful for finding relative solutions to fix these problems. Here the below, you'll see one or two reasons about how you get data lost from Windows 10:

  • Deletion

Careless or accidental deletion, recycle bin cleanup or improper operation may delete important data.

  • Format/Not-formatted Error

Improper operations such as unplug storage devices from PC may cause device unusable or inaccessible or even not-formatted error. Under this circumstance, you'll need to format storage devices or computer hard drive partition, which will cause data loss issues.

  • Virus attack or Unknown reasons

Sometimes, virus/malware/spyware may cause serious data loss issue and even system crash errors in PC. Virus attack or some unknown reasons may even cause RAW errors in data that all data become RAW and unusable.

How to prevent these problems? EaseUS provides three ways to prevent and fix Windows 10 delete/format/RAW issue:

  • Backup data frequently;
  • Be careful to make any operations under Windows 10;
  • Check deleted data before cleaning up the recycle bin;
  • Find solution for Windows 10 delete/format/RAW issue;

3. Find solution for Windows 10 delete/format/RAW recovery issue

So how to restore deleted/formatted/RAW data from Windows 10 becomes a key point in Windows 10 data recovery task. And don't be panic too if you are not quite sure whether the deleted, formatted or RAW data can be restored or not. Here the following, you'll find solutions for Windows 10 delete/format/RAW recovery now.

3.1 File History backup & recovery tool or undelete Recycle bin 

Restore Windows 10 deleted data from File History backup

If you happen to delete Windows 10 data but have set up Windows 10 File History to backup your data, you can follow below steps to restore Windows 10 deleted data through File History backup & recovery tool now:

Step 1. Enter restore your files in the search box, click Restore your files with File History.
Step 2. Enter the file name that you are looking for in the search box, or use the mouse pointer to browse and find your folders and files.
Step 3. Select your backups in File History, and click Restore.

Undelete/restore deleted data from Recycle bin

Open Recycle bin > Select and right-click the deleted data > Choose Restore.

Undeleting recycle bin can only work before emptying it. Therefore, if you happen to delete Windows 10 data into the recycle bin, don't empty it before you are sure that the deleted data are all useless. Or you'll lose those data permanently.

3.2 Make Windows 10 Delete/Format/RAW recovery with professional data recovery software

Though File History backup & recovery tool in Windows 10 can help restore deleted/formatted and even RAW data from its backups. But if there is no backup, things will be complicate. 
Here a highly recommended solution for Windows 10 delete, format and even RAW recovery is to use professional data recovery software. You may try EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Recover Windows 10 deleted/formatted and RAW Files.

This software is fully compatible with all Windows systems such as Windows 10/8/7 etc, supporting to restore deleted, formatted and even RAW data from SD card, USB drive, external hard drive, Windows hard drive partitions etc.
Three simple steps will do all the jobs for you:

Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard > Choose location where you lost data and scan device > Preview and recover Windows 10 deleted/formatted or RAW data.

Note: Please save found data into a safe spot in your PC for protecting data.

If your lost Windows 10 data is no more than 2GB data and you prefer a free software, you can directly use EaseUS Data Recovery Free Edition to free restore Windows 10 data then.

If you are not quite clear about how to restore data from Windows 10, follow next video tutorial to rescue your Windows 10 data right now: