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Restore .xtbl Encrypted Files

Updated on Oct 17, 2018 by Jean to Resource


EaseUS file recovery software gives hope to users whose important files were renamed or encrypted by XTBL virus ransomware. Even restoring previous version of files from system restore failed to decrypt .xtbl files, the chance is still there. Follow the 3-step guide to restore .xtbl files encrypted by XTBL virus now.

About XTBL Virus and .xtbl Files

Suddenly, users may find all their documents, photos and music on computer's hard drive becomes inaccessible and renamed with .xtbl file extension. Bad news, your computer is under virus attack, which is called XTBL virus or you can call it XTBL ransomware. 

XTBL ransomware is another type of notorious malware that kidnaps users' files by encrypting them, appending xtbl file extension and making them inaccessible. It demands victims to pay the ransom hundreds of dollars in order to get a code which enables to unlock or decrypt .xtbl files and make virus file recovery.

How to Decrypt .xtbl Virus and Recover Encrypted Files?

Should you trust the XTBL ransom tricks and cost $500 or more dollars to pay it? Never do that unless you make the last-ditch effort to rescue your files. And we're happy to tell you that there are 2 effective solutions you may try to restore .xtbl encrypted files.

Solution 1. Use third-party data recovery software to find the deleted copies by XTBL virus

XTBL ransom usually copies all your infected files firstly and then deletes, hides or changes them to .xtbl files. That's how it later blackmailed victims, asking them to pay money and returns the original copies of files to you. However, don't take the risk. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, a third-party file recovery software, is a safer alternative method to recover ransomware virus infected files.

It has helped us successfully with locky virus file recovery, cryptolocker virus recovery and .crypt virus file recovery. Let's now learn how to use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to find the deleted copies by XTBL virus ransomware.

STEP 1. Select hard disk(or external USB/SD card) where the .xtbl files were saved.

select  a location where the .xtbl files were saved

STEP 2. The software will start a quick scan first. After the quick scan completes, a deep scan will automatically launch in order to find more files.

scan hard drive where xtbl files were saved

STEP 3. After the scan is complete, all the original files will be found and displayed on the left pane. Select the files and click "Recover" to restore all .xtbl encrypted files.

recover xtbl virus encrypted files

Solution 2. Restore previous version of files(folders)

This method also applies to whom don't create any file backup before XTBL virus infection. Try to restore previous versions of files or folders by referring to the guide below, which is very helpful to recover .xtbl encrypted files.

SETP 1.  Locate the directory where the file is stored.

STEP 2. Right-click the file, then select Properties.

STEP 3. Click the Previous Versions tab when the Properties window opens.

Note: If you don't see the Previous Versions tab, you need to install the client. You can speak with your support team to get the correct client installed.

STEP 4. A list of available snapshots for the file will appear.

STEP 5. Select the snapshot that represents the last known good version of the file.

STEP 6. Click View and verify if it is the correct version of the file.

STEP 7. Once you find the correct file, do any of the following:

View: View the recovered file directly and then save it by clicking File > Save As.
Copy: Create a copy of the recovered file in the same directory as the original file. You will now have both copies available.
Restore: This will restore the recovered file and will replace the current file.

Important: Restoring the file will overwrite the current copy. Any data saved in the current copy will be overwritten with the older file.