All-in-One Guide | Recover RAW SR2 Photos/Files from Camera

Other than the commonly seen PNG and JPG file extensions, there are many other picture formats like SR2 and BMP. This article will focus on SR2 photos, and introduce how to recover RAW SR2 photos from a camera with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

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RAW format photos are photos captured by a Sony digital camera. The file extension of these photos is .sr2. Many photographers prefer to shoot in RAW because it generates larger files and provides uncompressed image files that professional photographers prefer.

It is, unfortunately, all too easy to accidentally format your camera SD card. Formatting means all existing data will be erased. Once the RAW SR2 files got lost, it is not easy to recover. One valid method is to apply third-party data recovery software, and that's what we're going to introduce. Keep reading and check more details.

Recover RAW SR2 photos from camera

Recover RAW SR2 Photos from Camera with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

If data is lost due to accidental deletion or formatting, there may not be a backup of the lost files. In this case, data recovery software should be the best choice. No matter how you lose RAW SR2 photos, it will scan the disk deeply and recover the lost data for you.

One of the recommended data recovery software is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. It has entered the field of data recovery for over 17 years, enjoys a good reputation among users, and has a high success rate. It supports recovering more than 1000 file types, including DOC, XLS, JPG, PNG, MP4, MOV, PDF, as well as SR2.

It does not matter if you have a backup available or not, the program will almost certainly be able to recover the deleted and lost files for you. You can download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard from the download button below, and follow the guide to see how to recover RAW SR2 photos from the camera.

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Step 1. Connect the camera SD card to PC and start scanning

Take the SD card out of your camera and connect it to the computer via a card reader. Then launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, hover on the SD card, and click "Scan".

select a location and click scan

Step 2. Select the photos you want to recover

Wait until the scanning completes. Afterward, choose the photos you want to recover. To check the picture faster, click "Filter", choose "Pictures", and navigate to tree view on the left side.

Choose files to recover

Step 3. Recover photos

Double-click the item to preview its content. Click "Recover" and choose a location, not on the SD card, to save the photos.

Recover lost data

What is the SR2 File?

Some users might be unfamiliar with the terms of SR2 files and want to know what it is. Here we will give you a brief introduction.

The SR2 photo format was created by Sony. It is stored in a RAW file structure. It contains more extensive data than compressed photos and records the maximum amount of information obtained from the camera's optics and sensors. This gives photographers more freedom to process and edit photos without loss of detail and image quality.

After explaining what is SR2 file, we'd like to give a further introduction of what is RAW format photo. RAW image files are large uncompressed images stored in the memory card of a digital camera. RAW files differ from JPG or JPEG files; although JPEG images have become the most common format in digital photography, they are compressed files, which can limit some forms of post-production work.

Although almost every camera manufacturer provides a RAW image file format, there is no standard format. When shooting with different brands, you will encounter different file formats. For example, Nikon uses a proprietary RAW format called .NEF, while Canon saves RAW digital images as .CR2 or .CR3.

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This article is mainly about what to do if you want to recover deleted videos from the digital camera. You can rely on a safe data recovery tool - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

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How to Open SR2 Photos on Windows?

You can apply the following software to open an SR2 photo on a Windows computer.

  • Microsoft Photos
  • Adobe DNG Converter
  • XnViewMP
  • EZ Freeware Free Opener
  • File Viewer Plus
  • CyberLink PhotoDirector 365
  • Corel AfterShot Pro 3

How to Convert SR2 to JPG/PNG?

If you want to convert an SR2 to a JPG or a PNG image, you can't just change the file extension directly. Here we will also list some free online image converter for you to finish this job.

#1. Convertio

This tool supports users to upload SR2 files by drag & drop. It covers the conversion of almost all image formats. You can convert up to 100 MB of photo size. If you want to convert larger SR2 photos, you need to sign up.

Convert SR2 to JPG with Convertio

#2. Online-Convert

This tool also enables you to convert images between SR2 and JPG/PNG. You can upload the SR2 image by drag & drop, or from cloud drives such as Dropbox and Google Drive. Entering URL is another available choice.

Compared with Convertio, the Online-Convert provides users with more options. You can customize the image quality, size, color, and DPI, etc.

Convert SR2 to JPG with Online-Converter

Sum Up

Recovering RAW SR2 photos from the camera is not as difficult as you think. As long as you choose the proper data recovery software, you can recover photos without a hassle. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard enables users to recover SR2 photos in three simple steps. No matter you are a beginner or an expert, you can get started with it quickly. Don't hesitate, download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard now and have a free trial!

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