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Partitions contain various data and files. If you have lost the partition and want to recover it, you are in the right place. Moreover, this article can help you get back the lost partition without losing data.

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Common data loss situations on Windows are usually associated with specific files. For example, accidentally deleted some photos or videos, Word document got lost because you accidentally clicked "Don't Save", etc. However, there is a more serious but less common data loss case, that is you lost your whole partition. What can you do when your partition gets lost? Is it possible to recover a lost partition and how to do it? Don't worry, you can find all the answers on this page.

Recover Lost Partition without Losing Data

Is it Possible to Recover A Lost Partition?

The question that users most care about is answered first. Yes, both Windows built-in tool and third-party data recovery software can help you recover lost partitions. When the partition on the computer is lost, it means that the partition is deleted. Actually, the system only removes partition information, like partition type, size, location, file system, etc., from the partition table instead of completely erasing the area occupied by the deleted partition. It makes the deleted partition invisible in the Disk Management or File Explorer, and makes you think the partition is "lost".

2 Methods to Recover Lost Partition without Losing Data

As mentioned before, on a Windows computer, you can apply the built-in tool and the third-party data recovery software to recover lost partitions. However, if you want to recover the lost partition but have no data loss during the recovering process, then applying the third-party data recovery software would be a perfect choice. In this part, we will introduce two methods for you to recover lost partition.

Method 1. Recover Lost Partition without Losing Data via EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Just as its name implies, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is designed for computer data recovery. It covers mainstream data recovery situations, including deleted file recovery, formatted recovery, RAW recovery, and damaged file repair. It also supports users to recover lost partitions. Moreover, once the lost partition is restored, all the data on the partition will also be restored.

Here are some key features of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. 

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

  • Supports users to execute partition recovery with no data loss.
  • Requires only a few steps to finish the whole recovery process.
  • Powerful data recovery capabilities. It supports users to preview and recover lost data in three steps.
  • Automatically repair the corrupted files during recovery.
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First, download this data recovery tool and then follow the guide below to recover lost partitions without losing data.

Step 1. Select and scan the lost partition

Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, select "Lost Partition" and click "Scan" to search for all the lost data. If there are many lost partitions, you can identify them through its partition size.

Note: Since the Windows system doesn't support the Linux file system, the Ext2 or Ext3 partition will be recognized as lost partition with no drive letter in the software. If you want to recover data from Ext2/Ext3 partition, you can follow these steps.

select the lost partition to scan

Step 2. Filter the scanned results

Because there will be a lot of scanned files, you can choose a file category for quick filtering, such as Pictures, Videos, Documents, Audio, and Others. Or if you remember the file name, you can just look it up in the search box in the upper right corner.

check all found files

Step 3. Preview and recover data from the lost partition

Before recovery, you can preview the file to make sure it is the data you need. Choose all the files you need and click "Recover" to restore them. 

recover files from lost partition

Method 2. Recover Lost Partition with CMD

Apart from third-party recovery software, Windows Command Prompt can also help you get back lost partitions. This method may seem a bit difficult, but rest assured, you just have to proceed with caution and follow our guide step by step.

Step 1. Press Windows + R key at the same time, enter "cmd" in the Run box, and open Command Prompt as admin.

Step 2. Type diskpart in the window and press Enter.

Step 3. Type list disk and press Enter. Then you will see all disks on the computer.

Step 4. Type select disk # and press Enter (Replace # with the number of the hard drive that contains lost partition).

Step 5. Type list volume and press Enter.

Step 6. Type select volume # and press Enter (replace # with the number of the lost partition).

Step 7. Type assign letter=# and press Enter (Replace # with an available drive letter). 

Step 8. Exit the Command Prompt and see if you can see the lost partition.

Recover lost partition with cmd

Why does a partition get lost in Windows 10?

Now you might have recovered the lost partition. After solving the problem, it is best to let you know the reason for the partition loss so that you can avoid making the same mistake next time. Here are the possible reasons:

Corrupted partition: Due to user error, or viruses, the partition table may be damaged or corrupted, and then led to partition loss.

Repartition hard drive: If you repartition the hard drive, all the existing partitions will be deleted.

User error: Some misoperations of users such as incorrect Diskpart clean commands and accidental deletion can also result in partition loss.

Power failure: Sudden power surges or power failures can affect the operation of the drive, making the partition inaccessible.

Bad sectors: If your partition was damaged due to a bad sector, your computer may not recognize it and then show the partition as unallocated space.

The Bottom Line

This article is aimed at solving two crucial problems, one is can I recover the lost partition, and the other is how to recover the lost partition without losing data. For the first question, we have given a clear answer, and for the second problem, we have introduced EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Besides, you can also apply Windows Command Prompt to recover the lost partition. 

Before you leave, we have a very important thing to say, that is, the only way to protect your data is to back it up regularly so that whenever you encounter data loss, you can always restore the data from the backup.

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