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Flash Drive Blinking Red

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This data recovery tutorial is for flash drive blinking red but not working issue, for those of Lexar, SanDisk, PNY, Toshiba and other popular brands. When you saw USB flash drive or hard drive's light keeps flashing red but drive is not accessible, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is of great importance in getting your valuable data back.

My flash drive continuously blinking red, is it dead?

"I have a 64GB Lexar USB flash drive which has data on it. It appears functioning abnormally because after putting it in the computer, the light is flashing and blinking red. I'm not sure if the red light is the problem, but I can't access the drive due to an error saying that G:/ is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable."

Health Check for Blinking Flash Drive

Depending on the manufacturer or model, the tiny beam of light coming from a specific type of flash drive varies, it can be red, blue, green or orange, which conveys messages of data transfer, data reading or writing. Following are some examples that are supposed to help you determine whether your flash drive blinking red is normal or not.


  • Fast and repeated blinking red of a flash drive when it's first plugged in and powered on, after then the light will turn off.
  • Red LED gradually growing brighter soon after a slow dimming.
  • Flash drive starts blinking only when data transfer.

× NO

  • Erratically blinking red and making a clicking noise.
  • Flash drive LED light stays on without flashing.
  • Flash drive blinking but not working/recognized or detected by Windows.

Data Recovery Solution for Flash Drive Blinking Red

Data is crucial when your flash drive flashing red and starts malfunctioning, which largely signals a corrupted issue. There are two situations in which you can perform USB data recovery, according to different symptoms of flash drive blinking red. 

Case 1. Flash drive blinking red shows as unallocated, RAW, inaccessible, etc.

In a word, such a case of blinking USB flash drive is easy to fix with a higher chance of data recovery. Since Windows can detect the drive as usual, even didn't assign a drive letter to it, or the file system shows as invalid and RAW which makes the drive inaccessible, you can simply use EaseUS hard drive recovery software to save data first. 

Step 1. Select the flash drive and click Scan.
Step 2. Run quick scan and deep scan to find all lost and existing data files on the flash drive.
Step 3. Select every file you're trying to get off from the drive and click Recover.

click recover to recover data from usb flash drive blinking red

With data safely transferred to another location, you can start reformatting the flash drive in your preferred way, which usually fixes the corruption problem and brings it back to life.

Case 2. Flash drive blinking red but not recognized or detected

Since Windows cannot detect the flash drive, neither can EaseUS data recovery software. Take your first step to fix USB flash drive not showing up in Windows 10, 8 or 7. 

At the linked page, you'll learn three ways to troubleshoot the flash drive not detected error, including update USB flash drive driver, use Disk Management to format and reinstall disk driver under Device Manager.

However, it's very likely that your flash drive blinking red can't be fixed by every given suggestion, then you have to accept the truth that it has been broken or dead. Try to send it to a professional repair center, and hope they can help with data recovery.