How Do I Fix Canon Err 02? Here Are The Fixes

Stay calm if your Canon camera contains Err 02, telling that 'Card cannot be accessed...'. In this case, you should first stop using the camera. Then follow this page to learn how to get rid of Err 02 error from your Canon cameras on the camera card. As for the taken photos and videos, let EaseUS file recovery software here to help.

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Err 02 is one of the most commonly seen errors on Canon cameras. So how to fix this error, making camera SD card working normally again without losing any photos, is highly concerned among Canon camera users.

Don't worry if you are having this error on your camera. Follow this guide, you'll be able to fix Canon Err 02 successfully on your own. Let's start.

Overview of Canon Err 02

What does error 02 mean on a Canon camera? In a word, it means that you can neither access files on the camera SD card nor use it to take new photos and videos. 

Here is more information about this specific error.

Canon Err 02

Error Message:

"Err 02.
Card cannot be accessed.
Reinsert/change card or format card with camera.

Causes of Err 02:

  • You failed to insert the SD card into the camera correctly.
  • SD card format is not supported by Canon camera.
  • SD card is damaged or physically broken.

What to Do with Canon Err 02 Code

So how do I fix error 02 on my Canon camera? Check the state of your SD card and follow the right solution to make it work again on your Canon cameras.

Sate of Canon SD Card Solutions
#1. SD Card is not correctly installed
  • Unplug the SD card and re-insert it into the Canon camera.
#2. SD card is severely damaged
  • Turn to a local SD card repair center.
  • Purchase a new SD card and replace the old one. 
#3. SD card is not set with a correct file format
  • 1st, access and restore all photos/videos from the Canon camera. 
  • 2nd, format the Canon SD card into the correct format.

Let's start to fix the Err 02 and remove this error code from your camera now.

Fix 1. Re-install Canon SD Card Correctly

Step 1. Check if the memory card access light is on.

If not, turn off the Canon camera. And move to Step 2.

Step 2. Open the memory card case, find the SD card.

Step 3. Press the SD card and eject it from the camera.

Unplug SD card

Step 4. Take the SD card out of the camera.

Step 5. Re-insert the SD card into the memory card slot in the Canon camera.

Step 6. Close the memory card case and turn on the Canon camera.

Now, you can check if the camera can detect and access your SD card correctly. If not, move to Fix 2 for help.

Fix 2. Repair or Replace Broken/Damaged Canon SD Card

If you see the SD card in your Canon camera is broken or damaged, you have two options:

Option 1. Repair the Broken/Damaged SD Card

Step 1. Find a Canon store or local SD card repair center.

Step 2. Take the SD card out of the camera and send it for repair, including the photos & videos.

Option 2. Replace the Damaged SD Card that Caused Err 02

Step 1. Plug out the damaged SD card from the Canon Camera.

Step 2. Purchase a new SD card.

Step 3. Format the SD card with the correct format. (Shown in Fix 3)

Step 4. Insert the formatted SD card into the Canon camera.

Insert SD Card into Canon camera

After this, turn on the Canon camera and you can take photos, shoot movies again.

Fix 3. Access Canon Photos And Format Canon SD Card with Err 02

#1. Access Photos/Videos from Canon SD Card 

Step 1. Unplug the Canon camera SD card and connect it to your computer correctly.

Step 2. Open Windows File Explorer, locate and try to open the SD card.

Step 3. Access and save all photos from the Canon SD card to another location.

  • If you can open the SD card, copy and save all the existing photos and videos to another secure location on your OC.
  • If the SD card is inaccessible, turn to reliable photo recovery software as recommended at the end of this page for help.

#2. Format Canon SD Card with Err 02 to A Supported Format

Preparartion: Check the SD Card Format

Step 1. Unplug the Canon SD card and connect it to your computer.

Step 2. Open File Explorer to check the file format of your SD card.

If your SD card is not in the requested formats, format it with the two options as shown below.

 Canon SD Card File Format Requests:
  • SD/SDHC - FAT32
  • SDXC - exFAT
  • Shooting Movie - exFAT

Option 1. Format Canon SD Card on Computer

Step 1. Press Windows + E keys to open Windows File Explorer.

Step 2. Locate and right-click the Canon SD card with Error 02, select "Format".

Step 3. Under File System, set FAT32 or exFAT for the SD card, tick "Quick Format". And click "Start".

Format Canon SD card to a supported format

Step 4. When the formatting process completes, click "OK" to confirm.

After this, you can copy the photos and videos back to the SD card and insert it into your Canon camera. Then, turn on the camera and you can continue using the card again. 

Option 2. Format Memory SD Card on Canon Camera

Step 1. Turn on the Canon camera, press the Menu button.

Canon camera nemu button

Step 2. Press the INFO button and go to the settings tab.

Open Settings in Canon camera

Step 3. Use the Dial button to switch and select "Format Card". 

Use Dial to select format SD card on Canon camera

Step 4. Press the Set button, and use the Dial button to select "OK".

Confirm to format Canon SD card

After this, wait for the process to complete. Your SD card will be formatted as the default file format that is supported by your Canon camera.

Bonus: Recover Lost Photos/Videos from Canon Camera with Err 02 

Question: How do I access and get my photos out of the Canon camera with Err 02?

Answer: First, take the SD card out of your Canon camera. Next, connect it to your PC. Last, turn to reliable photo recovery software for help.

Here, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard with its photo recovery feature will find all the existing or missing photos and videos from the SD card.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

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Step 1. Select a location

Choose the correct drive which contains the corrupted photos, which can be a removable disk or a local drive. Click "Scan."

select a location and click scan

Step 2. Scan the corrupted files

EaseUS data recovery software will run immediately to scan all over the selected drive to find lost and corrupted files as many as possible. Click "Filter" on the top right to find damaged photos quickly.

scan the selected drive for damaged photos

Step 3. Recover corrupted images

Double-click on a file and preview the file quality. After repairing, click "Recover" and choose a different location to save the recovered pictures.

repair and recover broken photos

Err 02 Is Fixable on Canon Cameras, Take Steps to Make Your SD Card Workable Now

On this page, we explained what is Canon camera Err 02 error and what to do when this error occurs to you:

  • You should first check if the SD card is correctly installed and whether the card is damaged.
  • If not, you can format it to a supported file format and let the Canon camera recognize the SD card.

Before formatting, don't forget to run photo recovery software like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to access and restore all photos from the SD card in advance. 

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To sum up, Err 02 on your Canon camera is fixable. Go and take steps to fix this error and make the SD card work again now.

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