How to Fix 'Windows 10 Administrator Can't Delete Unwanted Folder on USB'

I recently bought a new Lenovo Ideapad S340 with windows 10, and I use it with my 1TB USB drive. Then I found a folder stuck in my USB, and Windows gave me a notice 'You'll need administrative access' when I tried to delete it. How to delete this annoying folder?

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Dany· Answered on Feb 22, 2023

On your Windows computer, you can get a pop-up window that reads "Folder Access Denied" when you try to remove a folder. To remove this folder, you must provide administrator authority. No matter if you select the "Continue" or "Skip" option, you are unable to remove that folder. You can fix the external hard drive access denied error by following the methods below:

1. You have to assume control over the folder or file. You can right-click the folder you cannot delete and choose "Properties". Open the advanced security settings, and click "Change". Click the "Find Now" button after choosing "Advanced". Then you can select the user account you wish to transfer ownership. Then repeat the operation and take ownership of this folder.

2. After assuming ownership of the folder, if you are still unable to remove it, you might try disabling User Account Control. Open "User Account Control Settings" and move the button to "Never Notify". After saving the changes, you can probably delete the folder.

3. When an administrator cannot delete a file or folder, you can also resolve this problem by turning on the default administrator account. You'll need to run CMD as administrator first, type in net user administrator /active: yes, then enter the password. After rebooting your computer, the account will be enabled.

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