How to Fix: SD Card Stops Working and Not Recognized

My old Samsung 32GB micro SD card was not working a few years ago. I have many precious pictures and videos on that SD card, so I try to connect it to the PC. My PC can not recognize the micro SD card and require me to format it. What should I do now?

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Dany· Answered on Mar 03, 2023

Before answering the question you asked, you should know that micro SD cards are not meant for long-term data storage! Backup the data elsewhere. If your micro SD card stops working and not recognized, you can try the following methods:

  • Option 1: Try an SD card on a different computer or a new card reader
  • Option 2: Alter the Drive letter.
  • Option 3. Use CHKDSK to repair the SD card error.
  • Option 4: The SD Card Driver should be updated.

Try not to format the micro SD card, because the data will be all formatted, and it is harder to recover. If your micro SD card is detected by your PC, you can try to perform an SD card recovery with a professional SD card recovery tool - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

Step 1. Choose your Samsung SD card after launching the EaseUS SD card recovery program. Make sure this is the target SD card and click Scan.

Step 2. If you want to retrieve precious pictures and videos, use the Filter button to find your videos and pictures. By the way, this software can also repair corrupted MPS/MOV.

Step 3. After selecting all the files you want on the Samsung SD card, you should hit the Recover button.

If you cannot recover data with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, maybe you need someone professional enough to help. We recommend you go to a local repair store or find some experts to recover data manually. And you can try EaseUS data recovery services also.

Use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to recover deleted or lost files easily and quickly.

Tutorials on how to recover lost, deleted, or formatted data from HDD, SSD, USB, SD card, or other storage media on Windows and Mac.

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