How to Restore Deleted Folder from Virtual Machines in Unraid

I attempted to repair one of my virtual machines with Unraid when the folder for another completely unrelated VM vanished. I know several applications for recovering deleted files in Linux, but I couldn't find one for XFS on Unraid. I want the file back, but it's not critical; any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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Dany· Answered on Feb 22, 2023

Virtual machine disc files, like other programs, are vulnerable; hence, if you can't find your files or folders, you may encounter the error "VMware Disk File Not Found". So, hard disk data recovery should be your first concern.

What are the most frequent reasons for virtual machines' file loss? When the VMware Authorization service is not running or lacks Administrator access, the following error message appears: "The VMware Authorization Service is not currently operational". You may discover that you cannot access their data and files on the VMware disk.

A hardware failure when you run Unraid is also a problem with a computer system's electrical circuitry or mechanical portions, such as disks and tapes. VMware files, like other files, are easily lost when a hardware failure happens. VMware will generate a few VMware files that will be saved on the local hard disk.

As a result, the information on the virtual hard drive will be lost due to the damaged and missing VMware files. As a result, you may be eager to obtain the VMware file.

To recover data from VMware, you can use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, which can effectively recover lost or deleted files, including VMware files, pictures, music, and emails.

However, please do not save it to the disk that contains the deleted VMware files, as this may cause the software to occupy the partition and prevent you from recovering the virtual machines files.

In rare cases, a virtual machines file you are about to recover may be corrupted because no disk volumes are visible. EaseUS Partition Recovery can search the mounted partition for deleted and recover lost partitions. When EaseUS Partition Recovery finds and recovers the lost partitions, they are immediately displayed in the Disk Explorer window, where you can activate them for further VMware Partitions recovery.

Here's how to manually restore data from VMware, which is suitable for experienced users.

  • 1. To launch the command line, press Windows + R, open the "Run" box, and type CMD.
  • 2. Navigate to the VMware Development Kit's local installation.
  • 3. Next, select a path: VMware - Virtual Disc Development Kit - Bin - C: Program Files - VMware
  • 4. Run the VMware-vsdiskmanager.exe program and enter the code.

Use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to recover deleted or lost files easily and quickly.

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