How to Recover Video Recordings from Formatted SD Card

Hello, the card was used for video recording and formatted before being used for images with a still camera. Is it feasible to retrieve the video footage? Please help me recover data from the formatted SD card. Thanks!

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Dany· Answered on Dec 22, 2022

If you didn't use the formatted SD card to take pictures, you could possibly retrieve the video footage before formatting. The requirement for successful formatted file recovery, however, is that new data does not overwrite the data. Your pictures have overwritten your previous video files, so if the number of new photos greatly exceeds the old videos, you might have no chance to recover them. 

To ensure that you can retrieve data from the camera SD card, avoid using the SD card and perform data recovery as soon as possible now! 

Because the data is still on the camera's SD memory card after formatting, which just disturbs the data structure on the card, designating the whole device as "empty", though formatting the SD card causes file loss. As a result, the data didn't be overwritten is still available. Thus, if you have powerful data recovery software, you can effectively recover some of the video footage.

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To avoid data loss on your SD card, you should acquire the habit of using the storage device correctly in addition to periodically backing up your files. For example, if you do not remove your SD card but rather unplug it from your computer, you may have an SD card RAW issue, necessitating card formatting.

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