Proven Way to Recover the Backup Files of Brave Recover Key

I want to enable the incentives because I've only recently started using Brave. However, because I didn't want to have a lot of recovery keys, I saw a restore wallet feature, and I wanted to use it. Yet, I consistently see errors that read. Try try again or try a new key combination. My 24-word recovery key seemed to be in good working order after I checked it. Moreover, I attempted to create random recovery keys from an HD wallet generator website and import them into the browser, but I consistently encountered the same issue.

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Dany· Answered on Jul 20, 2023

Prerequisite: open the most recent version of b-L and turn on Brave Payments if you don't already have one. With the wallet you just made, create a recovery file.

Step 1. Start the 0.55.10 (this uses prod wallet).

Step 2. Turn on Brave Rewards if the 0.55.10 isn't already.

Step 3. Click on the gear icon in the wallet panel/container from chrome://rewards.

Step 4. To restore your wallet, click.

Step 5. To import, click the link.

Step 6. Go to the recovery file you created.

You can also use a recovery phrase to restore Brave Wallet. It is simple to swap between wallets or skip remembering your private keys using the browser. To input a recovery phrase and regain access to your Brave Wallet, follow these steps:

  • On Windows, macOS, or Linux, launch the Brave browser.
  • On the top right corner, select the wallet icon.
  • Click the Restore link under the "Get Started" button after it has opened.
  • Now you can type the phrase into the "Restore primary crypto accounts" field.
  • Optional. To verify that you entered or copied the recovery phrase correctly, select the box next to "Display recovery phrase".
  • Enter your new private key under "New Password," which must contain at least 1 number, 1 special character, and 7 or more characters overall.
  • When you click the Restore button, you'll be logged in and the wallet will be filled with money.

Both Android and iOS have essentially the same process. Wallet must be chosen from the drop-down menu by tapping the three vertical dots on the bottom right-hand side. And keep in mind that information could change somewhat for a while. For security concerns, Brave Browser does not permit device synchronization yet.

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