How to Recover Partitions Accidentally Formatted by PS4

I wanted to use my 4TB external HDD formatted with 4 primary partitions - ext4, exFAT, HFS+, and NTFS to store a game. I plugged it into the PS4 and expected that only the exFAT partition was offered to format the 'Device' as 'Extended Storage'. But it formatted the entire device. So any suggestions for recovering partitions? I'm using Linux on my desktop. What does the PS4 do to the disk to format it as 'Extended Storage'? Do you know if using just a single partition as extended storage for the PS4 is possible?

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Dany· Answered on Apr 14, 2023

Given that you don't have any backup, a data recovery tool like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is best to recover partitions accidentally formatted by PS4. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a professional and powerful software for recovering lost games, files, pictures, and other kinds of data due to formatting.

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Here are the steps:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Choose the hard drive you've formatted and click 'Scan'.

Step 2. This data recovery software will start scanning for all the lost data and files. After checking, click 'Filter' to filter a specific file type to find the needed files.

Step 3. Preview the scanned files, select the ones you want, and click 'Recover'.

Step 4. Choose a new location to store the files and click 'OK'.

Now I will explain what the PS4 does to format a disk as 'Extended Storage'. By formatting a hard drive into internal storage, you can get more extensive storage, but you also have some limitations of dosing it.

First, you have to fully format the external drive, which means you can not only format a partition as the internal storage. The whole drive should be formatted, and all the data should be gone if you don't have any backup. Before formatting your hard drives, you should know other limitations, such as not installing the PS4 system software or importing video and audio files.

Therefore, developing an excellent backup habit to avoid data loss due to formatting is very important. Follow the steps to make a system backup.

Step 1. Go for 'Settings'.

Step 2. Click 'Update & Security'.

Step 3. Click 'Backup'.

Step 4. Click 'Go to Backup and Restore' under the 'Looking for an older backup' section.

Step 5. Click 'Create a system image'.

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