How to Recover Deleted VCF File from Memory Card

I accidentally deleted all my VCF files on my phone, and I did a lot of searching for this but could not find an efficient way of recovering VCF files. If there any methods to recover my VCF files from the memory card?

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Dany· Answered on Mar 09, 2023

If you are trying to share contacts on your phone, you will need to use the VCF files. It is pretty hard to recover this kind of file and most of the recovery tools do not support that file type to recover. You can try the following two methods to get back your VCF files.

1. Apply EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on the computer or laptop. This professional file recovery software will not let you down in recovering deleted files. It can help users recover deleted files from memory cards, USB flash drives, SD cards, internal hard drives, and external hard drives.

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Check the following steps to get back the VCF files:

Step 1. Remove the memory card from your mobile phone, and connect it to the local PC. Then, scan the memory card with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

Step 2. There are two scanning modes, and you can choose a quick scan. To find the VCF files successfully, you can search for the file names or type in VCF in the search box.

Step 3. After finding the target VCF file, click the Recover button to restore the files.

2. Things will become easier if you have backups on the cloud or local PC. Simply connect the storage device or download from the cloud platform, then select a location, export to an SD card, and sync with your phone's contact list.

If you cannot recover VCF files with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and have no backups, you should find a professional expert to recover your data.

Use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to recover deleted or lost files easily and quickly.

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