How to Recover RAID 0 Data with Recovery Software

After a disastrous attempt to separately clone three drives that comprised a software RAID 0, one of the disks was overwritten. I spent days trying to retrieve the 4TB RAID volume I had lost. But I failed. Any recommends?

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Dany· Answered on Dec 23, 2022

It seems your RAID 0 disk fails or corrupts. Firstly, you should check which causes your RAID 0 corruption: human error, hardware or software failure, malware infection, mechanical failures, power outages, faulty sectors, or abrupt system shutdown. However, when you need to recover a broken RAID 0, things are a bit different.

When your RAID 0 fails, the volume is rendered inaccessible, and the data is lost. However, you cannot directly access or recover data from broken RAID  hard disks. To recover lost data, you should reconstruct or rebuild the RAID 0 setup, which customers find the most challenging. As previously said, it is obvious that when a RAID 0 drive fails, all data is at risk. So, is it possible to restore RAID 0 data? Yes, but you'll have to rely on professional data recovery services. Fortunately, a third-party data recovery tool can assist you in simplifying this procedure.

Using professional RAID recovery software to recover data from RAID drives is quite beneficial! EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard offers complete RAID data recovery solutions for Windows. EaseUS RAID recovery software will assist you in recovering data from any RAID hard drive, as long as your computer system can recognize it. Moreover, this RAID 1 recovery software works well with dynamic disk, RAID, and EXT2/EXT3 file systems.

RAID is a complicated data storage system that combines several disks to form a single logical volume. As a result, some believe that the RAID data recovery technique is also complicated. RAID data recovery is indeed tough if the standard method is used. You should remove the disk, rebuild the RAID, and then connect to your PC to restore data. Remember to save the recovered RAID 0 files to another secure location, such as an external hard drive, to avoid additional data loss.

Thus, if you have difficulty restoring NAS/RAID data, you can ask experts to help you. EaseUS also provides you with data recovery services

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