How to Fix Laplink Left a 200 GB Folder That Filled Hard Drive

I tried Laplink Self-erase for the first time three weeks ago after my computer began performing strangely as if the hard disk was too full and would randomly lock up and require a hard reboot. I assumed it was a 0-day exploit, so I turned off the computer until tonight when I discovered I only had 54 MB of free space on the hard disk. It's roughly 200 GB as of three weeks ago, with one bin file that size and a quarter million 1 KB shortcuts. Should I remove this 200 GB folder containing.bin files from my computer?

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Dany· Answered on Mar 10, 2023

To effectively delete the data on your hard disk, you should completely wipe the drive. When disposing of a computer or a broken dream, you can preserve your privacy by completely wiping the hard drive.

To wipe the machine, this method employs Windows' reset function. You can factory reset Windows 10 and wipe everything on the PC through the Windows setup, and it can delete all programs and data and reinstall them.

Here are the procedures for wiping the hard disk entirely in Windows 10.

  • Open the Windows start menu and navigate to "Settings."
  • Click on "Update & Security."
  • Select "Recovery" from the left side menu.
  • Click "Get Started" under "Reset this PC."
  • Select "Remove everything." All programs and data will be deleted.
  • Select "Remove files and clean the drive" to erase the device's contents entirely.
  • Click "Next" and "Reset" to finish the task.

Essentially, a factory reset will delete all previously installed programs, applications, games, personal documents, images, music, or videos from the machine. As a result, some information will be overwritten. Worse, the original lost file's file system would be corrupted.

But this doesn't mean that you lose the chance to recover wanted files after a factory reset. You can still recover files that may not have been overwritten. The only chance is using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. It's professional in data recovery and has helped millions of customers successfully and quickly recover lost data. This reliable hard disk data recovery software can recover your lost files via RAW.

Having a backup plan in place ahead of time can always be beneficial. If you wish to factory reset your Windows because your operating system is slow or you've caught a virus, make a backup first. If you don't have a backup and have completed the factory reset, you should try EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard as soon as possible to recover lost files.

Use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to recover deleted or lost files easily and quickly.

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