How to Fix It Takes a Long Time to Delete Files in Windows

Why does Windows take so long to delete files and clear the recycle bin? This problem will occur when I am trying to delete plenty of small files on Windows. How can I fix this Windows issue?

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Dany· Answered on Dec 27, 2022

Does it seem like taking forever to delete a bunch of files on Windows 11/10? This problem will happen because Windows 11 or 10 will need time to calculate and analyze the files. After all, the hard drive is not running well on your computer or laptop, the operation conflict with some programs, or just because there are too many large files to delete will all possibly cause this issue on Windows. How to fix this problem by yourself? You should try the following methods one by one:

1. Check and optimize your hard drive. You can right-click any disk on your computer and select "Properties". Then you can choose the tool "Optimize" to analyze the hard drive and optimize it.

2. Run a clean boot to fix the program conflicts. You can open the System Configuration Utility to put Windows in a clean boot state.

3. Disable the Remote Differential Compression in Windows Feature to slowly solve Windows 11/10 deleted files.

4. Try a third-party file cleanup program on your Windows may help you troubleshoot this problem.

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