How to Recover Files from Broken USB Stick

I have a USB stick that was dumped on by a computer. It split into bits, and I'm not sure how I will get the files off of it. The circuit board appears to be intact. However, the connector has snapped off. Is this something that can be fixed? What am I looking at in terms of price?

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Dany· Answered on Dec 27, 2022

Based on the specific situation you are in, the chances to perform successful dead USB drive recovery vary. Several factors influence cost and recoverability.

USB flash drives are classified into two categories. The first is a circuit board containing NAND chips, whereas the second is a monolith, with the circuit board and the NAND chips in one piece. Recovery of these types of memory chips can be prohibitively expensive. Recovery is not feasible with either of these types of flash drives if the NAND chip has cracked.

Broken connectors can be soldered back together. However, it is sometimes more difficult because they tend to shred traces as they break. Costs vary greatly depending on the nature of the problem and where it is brought. A data recovery service may charge several hundred dollars, yet a qualified repair technician may restore it for less than $100. But it has to be the appropriate tech. It helps if you have the right tools and have done it previously.

You most likely have a dead USB drive if your USB is severely damaged by physical harm. It is nearly impossible to recover data from a USB flash drive, external hard drive, or SD card that has been physically damaged. A dead USB may only be repaired or replaced by a specialist. You can send it to USB recovery companies.

However, if the USB drive not showing up or shows "missing", "not Initialized", or "unreadable" in Disk Management, data recovery may be possible. In these cases, your flash drive is not physically destroyed but fails to function and becomes inaccessible owing to other factors such as a raw file system, a not formatted issue, and so on.

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