Hard Drive Failed After Recovery Company, What Can I Do

We had a 2TB hard drive fail, which was practically full of critical analysis data. It failed, and the data was lost. We sent the drive to a data recovery company, but they could not recover the data since damage to the platters was causing new heads on the drive to fail. Should we send the HDD somewhere for a second opinion? Is it possible to access the data using methods other than simply swapping the heads?

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Dany· Answered on Jul 20, 2023

I suppose it comes down to how much the data is worth to you. More importantly, minus what you've already paid, how much would it cost you to recreate it from scratch? With that in mind, given the inevitable delays, it is up to you to source this again. If the company you sent was correct and the heads of your HDD collided with the platter, your data probably cannot be recovered.

Because a hard disk drive (HDD) is a computer storage device comprising one or more magnetically coated rotating disks called platters. The platters are linked to a spindle motor, which spins the disks at high speeds. Tracks are concentric circles of data that are recorded on disk platters. The tracks are divided into sectors, each of which can hold a certain amount of data.

When your hard disk contains bad hard sectors, you cannot usually repair them with standard procedures. The sole option is a low-level format, which resets the hard drive blocks, clusters, and sectors. A physical format is another name for a low-level format. At the factory, modern hard drives are low-level formatted for the disk's life. A PC cannot perform an LLF on a modern IDE/ATA or SCSI hard disk, and doing it would destroy the hard disk. That is, a bad sector cannot be repaired.

You have two options to repair a bad sector in Windows:

  • Send your hard drive to the manufacturer or a local repair shop, and have it reformatted in a low-level format.
  • Choose to clone the bad-sector disk to a good hard drive to prevent the hard disk from worsening with more bad sectors.

Besides, to make your hard disk functional, remove bad sectors with CHKDSK, which will fix logical bad sectors and instruct the OS to skip over physical bad sectors.

Another method for removing invalid data from a hard drive with a bad platter and sector is to recover existing and lost data to a safe disk or external storage device. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, a professional hard drive data recovery tool, can recover all present and deleted data from a hard drive with bad sectors.

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