How to Fix Files with Long Filenames Will Not Delete

I have an archive of previous work that has to be deleted, but it won't allow me since some of the individuals who originally produced the files gave them ridiculously lengthy file names. How can I delete these files with long names?

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Dany· Answered on Jan 18, 2023

You can delete the files with long names by using the following methods:

1. This can be fixed for you using Robocopy. For instance, you have to delete everything from C: NastyFolder. Make a new folder on your computer called "C: NiceFolder" and leave it empty. Enter robocopy C: NiceFolder C: NastyFolder /purge at the command prompt after opening it. Everything in C: NastyFolder, even items with ridiculously lengthy file or folder names, will be destroyed.

2. You can use CMD delete files with long names. Navigate to the directory containing your files using File Explorer. Shift while still being held down. Right-click on an empty space. Select open command window from the menu. Your current directory will be the primary focus of a Command Prompt window that opens. In the Command Prompt window, type the following command: DIR /X. Use the command DIR /X /P instead if the directory has more files than can be displayed on a single screen, so it will stop every screen length so you can look at the file list. This command will list all the folders and files in the current directory. Windows will delete the file if you issue a DEL command for it.

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