Files with Spaces on the End, How to Delete

Does anyone know of any software that will allow me to delete/rename these files, and is there anything better or free-er out there? Is there a way to search the network for filenames with spaces at the end of them? Is there any way to stop Mac users from creating files and folders with spaces on the end?

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Dany· Answered on Apr 26, 2023

It seems you should try peculiar files or folder deletion for those files. Macs create files with trailing spaces; the terminal systems have a short time on Windows. On a Mac, you can use the terminal command line and the Terminal to remove many files simultaneously. Here are the steps to delete files using Terminal:

Step 1. On the Mac, use Spotlight Search to find and open the Terminal.

Step 2. In Terminal, type rm, drag the unwanted file into the terminal, and hit Return.

Step 3. Press the Enter key to delete the files permanently.

Note: You can recover deleted files in Terminal on Mac.

  • If you can't delete a folder via Terminal, try deleting each file within the folder instead. Remove the files causing the issues, then attempt to discard the folder again.
  • Or you can make a new file or folder in a separate folder or disk from the item you want to discard. Give the new item the same name as the old one, and then move or duplicate it into the folder containing the stubborn item. When the Finder asks if you want to replace it, select Yes or Replace, and then delete the relocated item.
  • Also, you may use a file repair program to evaluate and rectify the file deletion issue you've encountered. Try emptying the trash to delete the troublesome file from the Mac drive when it's finished.

It's aggravating to be surrounded by files you wish to delete. The methods presented in this guide are all intended to eliminate an unwanted object, and some are stated to delete permanently. Some activities, such as emptying the Trash and using the rm Terminal command lines, require caution. Those methods are intended to clear all files in the directory rather than a single file. However, you may wrongly delete some other vital pictures, videos, or documents. You can download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac to perform the full task of recovering deleted files on Mac

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