How to Delete Files When Program Closes Automatically [BAT File]

I have to remove files each time I launch an application (to resets my trial period). Is there a way to have them automatically erased when the software closes?

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Dany· Answered on Jul 20, 2023

In your situation, you are just tired of deleting files every single time before you launch the program. The best way to delete files automatically is to make a BAT file (Batch file). Maybe you don't know how to make a Batch file, and we will show you how to do that. Once you know how, generating a batch file to automate repeated activities is simple.

1. Start a text document, such as one in WordPad or Notepad.

2. Type your instructions in the following order:

  • del c:\folder\file
  • c:\folder\program.exe

3. Save your document with the BAT file extension, such as xxx.bat.

4. Double-click the BAT file you just produced to launch your batch file.

5. Select Edit by right-clicking the BAT file and entering your batch file's name.

After running this Batch file, the files you want to delete will be deleted automatically, and then the program will be launched.

With batch scripts, difficult operations may be made simple if they need to be repeated repeatedly, such as arranging files, opening several web pages, renaming files collectively, or making duplicates of crucial papers.

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