How to Delete Files on a Particular Date with Unix

Can anybody please tell me how to delete all the files on a particular date in Unix? for example, I have a list of files: Nov 9 12:30 test, Nov 9 14:45 test 2, Nov 9 18:15 quick, Nov 10 07:20 quick 2...Now I would like to delete the file quick 2 created on Nov 10..... What would be the command?

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Dany· Answered on Jan 20, 2023

You can use two command lines to precisely find and delete files at a particular time. First, you can search for files whose last modification time is older than X minutes, days, months, or years using bash in Unix. Here is the Command Prompt for searching the specific file(s).

find / -name "your-directory" -mtime +XX -exec rm -f {}; Specify path, filename and time to delete the file.

The description of the Command line is as follows:

  • find - the command that finds the files.
  • ./your-directory - the absolute or relative path to the location of the search. I believe that using absolute routes will prevent future issues.
  • -mtime +XX - replace XX with the days you want to return. 
  • -exec rm -f {}; - this deletes files that match the particular settings.

It is safe to execute the preceding command since it will only produce a list of files that fit the search criteria; they will not be destroyed or modified; for example, a possible output might be: ./your-directory/file1.xd

As previously stated, my script's final phase was removing the files that matched the search more simpler. Fortunately, the most challenging step was completed. To erase the result of your search, add the -delete parameter to the search command:

find ./your-directory -daystart -maxdepth 1 -mmin +10 -type f -delete

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