Delete Files Beyond Recovery with 3 Data Erase Tools

I have a few documents on my computer's hard disk. Since the task is finished, I wish to remove the files permanently, but they will reappear if someone searches my drive using data recovery software. So, is there any method to permanently delete the files from my hard disk?

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Dany· Answered on Jan 05, 2023

We are going to introduce some free erase tools to help you permanently delete files from a hard disk:

1. Eraser is a free tool that permanently deletes files, folders, and copies of previously erased files and directories. With random data, it replaces the files being destroyed. use a Scheduler that is quite customizable. There are numerous alternatives for the number of times the files being wiped are replaced with random data, including the Gutmann technique, which overwrites the file with random data 35 times, and two variations of the US DoD 5220.22-M standard (3-pass and 7-pass).

2. One of the effective and adaptable programs is BitRaser File Eraser, which can permanently delete confidential data, online browser history, App & system traces, and also all the wasted space from laptops, desktops, and external storage devices. BitRaser File Eraser also removes any traces of your internet activity and any Apps you've ever used, in addition to permanently deleting deleted data from disks and partitions. The software also gives you the choice to automatically delete files from your system at a specified time and date.

3. In an effort to stop unwanted users from retrieving sensitive data using specialist software, Blank And Secure is a lightweight, portable tool that permanently deletes files from your system. Using the drag-and-drop functionality, files and folders may be added to the list of things available for deletion. The capability of batch processing allows Blank And Secure to remove numerous things at once, but you can only add one entry at a time to the queue.

Deleting files from the hard disk makes it possible to delete some important files by mistake. Don't worry! It is possible to recover deleted files, and you should try EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to recover accidentally deleted files from your hard disk.

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