How to Delete Files Older Than 90 Days and Save A Copy

This script was created in response to a request from one of my departments. When a file is 90 days old, they want a specific file type from a specific folder. I'm not 'very' comfortable just removing all of the PDFs in case one isn't the type of file they wanted to be removed. So I wrote this script to copy them first. Then how to delete them?

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Dany· Answered on Feb 03, 2023

I believe file screens included with Windows Server may accomplish this without a script. However, I've never done it before, but if you want a "cleaner" approach to handling the work, it might be worth looking into PowerShell.

PowerShell is a Microsoft application for job automation and Windows configuration management. It is a more advanced version of Command Prompt. PowerShell is also used to perform file-related tasks, such as creation and modification. Specifically, files on the PC can be erased using specific cmdlets.

When you need to use PowerShell to delete a file, you'll almost certainly come across the Remove-Item cmdlet. This cmdlet is the standard for PowerShell file removal. Using Remove-Item with the Get-ChildItem cmdlet to read files and directories and the sophisticated PowerShell pipeline may significantly simplify things.

You can also use PowerShell to delete log files older than X days, like those generated by IIS web servers, to free up disk space, as you said in the problematic case. Here is an example of PowerShell to delete specific files after X days:

Get-ChildItem c:\temp | Select-Object Name,CreationTime,@{n='AgeInDays';e={(New-TimeSpan -Start $PSItem.CreationTime).Days}}

In this example, there are files located in c:\temp that are older than 14 days. The script above shows the Name, CreationTIme, and AgeInDays of each file in c:\temp.

Delete all files, regardless of name, type, or extension. Specific files must sometimes be expressly excluded or included in the deletion procedure. To be safe, use Get-ChildItem first to obtain the list of files to be destroyed. You can finally pipe the collection to the Remove-Item cmdlet once you're satisfied with the list of files to delete.

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