What Is the Best Data Recovery Software for a Multiboot USB

I'd like to try Windows 11/10 but don't want to give up my current Windows 8. Can I install two operating systems on my computer? Can I put multiple bootable OS on the USB? Any software can help?

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Dany· Answered on Dec 27, 2022

We've all longed to keep our vital data and files in one portable USB drive, such as different OS versions, apps or software, and even necessary drivers.

While USB flash devices provide this versatility, installing multiple bootable operating systems on a flash drive remains difficult.
It is possible to install numerous bootable operating systems on a single USB device. It's a solution for power users that dual-boot Windows 10 with Windows 8 and don't have a separate pen drive for each operating system.

If you're new to this, here's how to boot a computer from a USB drive. And the following are the general steps for installing Windows OS on a bootable USB flash drive:

  • Prepare a bootable USB flash drive first.
  • Second, on the bootable USB stick, download the Windows image.
  • Third, in the BIOS, designate the USB as the boot priority and select to boot from USB.

So, how to create a multiboot USB or flash drive? The first and most significant aspect is the amount of capacity available on your USB. You should verify that your flash drive has sufficient storage capacity and, if possible, choose a high-quality device.

Second, you should format your USB flash drive to make it bootable. Take extra precautions to ensure that you haven't left any vital or sentimental data on the USB, as this will be erased when you format it.

After you've prepared your flash drive, decide the software you'll use to make your multi-boot USB. Fortunately, many free Windows tools are available that streamline and simplify the procedure.

However, you may want to recover any lost data before utilizing the newly installed Windows 11/10. This isn't just because you formatted the main disk. Instead, data loss may result from a faulty installation or an unbootable USB device. So, suppose you want to recover data from an unbootable PC. In that case, you'll need a professional EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard tool, which is not only the best choice you have to recover your data but to rescue it from being lost forever.

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