Fix Computer Turns On by Itself [6 Ways]

My computer is on if I leave the house for a few days and then return. Today when I returned home early in the morning, the computer started on its own at 9:30. I'm not sure if Win10 or the bios are to blame (I have an ASRock h97 pro4 as mobo). How do I turn off the automatic startup?

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Dany· Answered on Mar 17, 2023

Once your PC starts up by itself after sleep or hibernation, you might suddenly associate it with a ghost story or computer failure issue. Many users think about that. But, most of the reasons behind the computer turning on by itself have nothing to do with ghosts or hardware problems, but rather settings. Unconfirmed settings cause the computer to start automatically. How to fix this problem?

1. Windows can automatically download OS-scheduled updates and restart your PC to install those changes. That is one of the common reasons the computer turns on by itself. You can use Local Group Policy Editor to permanently disable the automatic updates. Or you can stop Windows 11 update in Windows update settings.

2. Automatic restart can restart your computer in case of system failure or hardware change. It is OK to turn off this feature because the sudden restart may cause data loss.

3. What if your PC reboots by itself after shutdown? You can stop fast startup from the power options menu.

4. Automatic Maintenance on Windows 10 can keep your computer healthy, including software updates and security scanning. That will run one hour per day when you don't use the devices that much. Select Security and Maintenance from the control panel and click the inverted triangle button behind Maintenance.

5. A Wake Timer is a timed feature that starts your PC from sleep or hibernates. If you don't want this function waking your PC at a specific time, you can disable the Wake Timers.

6. Wake on LAN is used to wake up the PC from sleep or hibernate remotely. This is useful if you use remote access a lot.

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