Broken Micro SD Card Recovery Is Possible or Not?

I have an old phone and the micro SD card in it was suddenly broken physically when removed it from the phone. It is a 16GB micro SD card, and I want to know if is it possible to recover data from this broken micro SD card.

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Dany· Answered on Mar 07, 2023

Is broken micro SD card recovery possible? It is possible. We don't know the chip side of your micro SD card, so it is possible that the chips of your micro SD card are not broken, and you can fix it. After fixing it, you can use a card reader to see if your PC can recognize this micro SD card or not. How to perform SD card recovery on a PC? If you don't have any backups, you should try SD card recovery software. We have many choices nowadays, and you can choose a functional and reliable data recovery program such as EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

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Let us check a tutorial on micro SD card recovery with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard:

Step 1. Download and install the EaseUS micro SD card recovery tool on your Windows computer. Connect your SanDisk, Lexar, or Transcend SD card to the computer in the right manner. You can choose the SD card recovery option to scan the target micro SD card.

Step 2. Wait till the scanning is complete. Choose one or more file types to appear, such as images, movies, documents, and so forth. Click Preview to make sure these are the files you want.

Step 3. After viewing the restored files, click Recover. Choose a different location to store the recovered files instead of the original SD card.

If your micro SD card cannot be repaired to be recognized by a PC, you should try EaseUS data recovery services. When you fail to use an application to recover your files after numerous tries, it would be better to have EaseUS Data Recovery Services. Alternatively, suppose a complex recovery scenario arises, such as a drive reformat, RAW disk, partition loss, re-partition failure, system boot issue, or virtual disk corruption. In that case, you might want a professional to manage it. For affordable 1-on-1 manual recovery service, speak with EaseUS Data Recovery Professionals.

Use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to recover deleted or lost files easily and quickly.

Tutorials on how to recover lost, deleted, or formatted data from HDD, SSD, USB, SD card, or other storage media on Windows and Mac.

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