Why Does My Lenovo Say No Bootable Device When Starting

Hi, there. Today, I started up my Lenovo PC running Windows 10 and it did not boot. It had the error which says 'No bootable device. Please restart system'. I had this error once before but I fixed it with a reboot. I forgot how to reboot without a running installation. What can I do now? How to fix this? Please help me.

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Cici· Answered on Jul 08, 2024

Hello, I'm happy to assist you in this regard. The "No bootable device" error usually indicates that your hard drive is corrupted or your MBR is corrupted. Also, problems with the BIOS, such as no boot partition, boot partition not being set as active and incorrect boot order can be the reasons. Furthermore, malware or virus attacks can have a negative influence on your booting process. As you see, the "No bootable device" situation can be complicated.

Don't worry. There are always ways to fix the issue and make your Lenovo PC accessible again. When my computer failed before, I choose a third-party tool to help. I found EaseUS Partition Master Professional very useful, and I think it can help you, too. It can repair boot volume with advanced features. It has a simple interface and clear instructions. Even if you are not an IT professional, you can try this tool to solve the booting issues.

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Here is a quick guide for you to create bootable USB in Windows 10:

Note: You need to prepare an accessible PC and connect a USB drive to it.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master on the workable PC. Go to "Bootable Media" > "Create Bootable Media".

Step 2. Select your USB and click "Create" to make the bootable media. 

Step 3. Connect your USB to your Lenovo PC. Press F2/Del to enter BIOS. Set the USB as the boot drive.

Step 4. Launch EaseUS Partition Master and click "Boot Repair" under the "Toolkit" section.

Step 5. Select your Windows 10 system and click "Repair".

Wait for the process to complete. Once down, you can reboot your Lenovo PC successfully. EaseUS Partition Master will fix the malfunction for you effectively. I recommend you have a try.

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