Should I Format A USB Boot Drive to the NTFS or FAT32 Format?Help!

If I want to turn my USB drive into a Windows 10 bootable drive, should I format it as NTFS or FAT32? How should I make the bootable USB formatted?

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Cici· Answered on Aug 09, 2023

If you want to turn your USB into a bootable disk, the best choice is to set your USB to FAT32 format, which has good compatibility between different operating systems and USB devices. And bootable USB also doesn't need to store large files, so FAT32 is a good choice. UEFI/BIOS will not support NTFS and exFAT formats.

For more detailed information, read this article: Which USB to Boot Windows.

After you decide on the right format, choose a reliable formatting software - EaseUS Partition Master Free, which can help you through the entire bootable USB process, including formatting the USB and making a bootable USB.

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The process of formatting a bootable USB is simple:

  •  Launch EaseUS Partition Master, click on the USB you want to format and select "Format."
  • Select the FAT32 file system, set the cluster size, and click OK.
  • Click yes to continue formatting. And click "Execute 1 Task(s)" and Apply to start the formatting process.

Once the formatting is complete, go back to the main interface of EaseUS Partition Master and select Bootable Media. Next, select the target USB and click Create to create a bootable USB successfully.

You can ask EaseUS Partition Master for help with any formatting needs. It can provide you with a one-stop service.

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