How to Read/Format Hard Drive Formatted in EXT4 on Windows

I just recently switched back from Linux Mint 19 to Windows after trying it out for a week. I made a 1TB partition on my 2TB Samsung ST2000LM003 2.5 hard drive for Linux to install. Another 1TB was made NTFS for Windows to read. Now, I want to make the whole 2TB drive NTFS, but I can't find a way to do so on Windows. How can I read my EXT4 drive?

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Cici· Answered on Jul 01, 2024

Hi, I think I can help you. EXT4 file system is a popular choice for Linux given its increased capacity and improved performance. It can be applied to Linux, however, there are some limitations when accessing them on Windows. As a matter of fact, Windows cannot read EXT4 partitions nor format it. For Windows, the NTFS format you chose for your another part of the drive is most used file system. 

Don't worry. You need to use some EXT4 format software to read or format your EXT4 partition to NTFS. I know about a file system formatter called EaseUS Partition Master Professional. I used it to convert my NTFS files to FAT32 so I could read them on Mac. I found the tool very effective and efficient. There was no data loss, and I managed to read all my files after changing the file system. The process is very easy. You don't have to wait for long to use this 1TB partition on your Windows soon. 

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Follow the steps to format your EXT4 partition:

Note: Formatting the partition will erase its data. If you have stored important data on your EXT4 partitions, you can turn to an EXT4 reader to access the data for backup.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master. Right-click your 1TB partition and choose "Format".

Step 2. In the new window, choose "NTFS" as the file system. Set the cluster size according to your needs.

Step 3. Click "Yes" when the warning pops up.

Step 4. Click "Execute 1 Task" and click "Apply" to start the formatting process.

Within a few clicks, your EXT4 partition will be formatted and changed into NTFS. Then, you can read it on your Windows. EaseUS Partition Master can also convert FAT32 to NTFS.

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