How Do I Enable Write Protection for a Pen Drive?

I got many important files in my pen drive, and I want to set a read-only state to protect them from losing data before I back up. And my pen drive has no physical switch, and if anyone can help? Thanks.

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Roxanne· Answered on Apr 19, 2023

We usually keep sensitive data in a drive that can be write-protected. Because write protection is valuable for maintaining the data of your drive safe from viruses or malware, especially when you need to view them on a public computer, nobody can modify or wipe the data once your pen drive is under write protection. And in this article, we will provide two reliable methods that can help you to enable write protection. If you are a new computer beginner, consider trying professional software such as EaseUS Partition Master Free. It developed a time-saving option, the Write Protection tool, which can enable or disable write protection by clicking one button.

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Follow the easy steps to enable write protection by using EaseUS Partition Master:

Step 1. Click the download button to download and install EaseUS Partition Master.

Step 2. Select the "Toolkit" section from the left side, and click "Write Protection."

Step 3. Find the pen drive and click "Enable."

EaseUS Partition Master can satisfy your need perfectly, and it's easy to use.  In addition to enabling write protection, it has other features that can give support during your daily life, such as converting MBR to GPT and merging the partitions. The second method is to enable write protection with Registry, which could be challenging and more suitable for senior personnel. 

Here is how:

Step 1. Press "Windows + R" to open the window, type regedit, and hit "Enter."

Step 2. Find the following path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control.

Right-click "Control" and click "New" to create a new key and name it. Then, click "New" to create a Value. 

Step 3. Double-click the value and set its value as 1. 

Be careful when you use the second method, and you can find more information by clicking the following link:

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