How to Clone NVMe SSD to Another One With Only One Slot

I bought a larger new NVMe SSD for my PC and want to clone the old NVMe SSD to my new NVMe SSD. However, the problem is that there is only one slot on my PC. What should I do to clone NVMe SSD to another one with only one slot? Any answer is appreciated.

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Sherly· Answered on Jul 31, 2023

Don't worry; there are ways to help clone NVMe SSD, even if there is only one slot.

For laptops with only one NVMe slot, you can use a USB to M.2 SSD converter; you can use an adapter to connect the M.2 SSD to your computer via the USB interface.

Another method available is to clone a bootable hard drive using a bootable cloning tool and an external USB hard drive. So you boot into the cloning tool, image the drive to the HDD, shut down, swap out the M.2 SSD for a bigger one, boot into the cloning tool again, and copy the drive image from the HDD to the new drive.

A crucial point to the two ways is that you need to choose a reliable tool to help you clone since no cloning tools are available in Windows. After multiple tests, we recommend you choose EaseUS Partition Master. This cloning tool allows you to clone the used space to another NVMe SSD, which is efficient and time-saving.

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Here is how to use EaseUS Partition Master:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master and select your NVMe SSD under the clone section.

Step 2. Select the new NVMe SSD as the target disk. And you can view the layout of the new SSD and edit its partition size in this window.

Step 3. Click start to clone your NVMe SSD to the new NVMe SSD with only one slot.

After the cloning process, replace the old NVMe SSD with the new one, and all the original data is stored on the new one now.

Hope the two methods can help you finish the cloning process smoothly.

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