Will a Factory Reset Uninstall My Secondary Hard Drive?

I want to factory reset my Windows 10 computer because there is an issue with it. But I worry it will do damage to my other drives, like the secondary hard drive. Will a factory reset uninstall my secondary hard drive? Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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Jerry· Answered on Jul 20, 2023

No, performing a factory reset will not uninstall the secondary hard drive.

It is reasonable to believe that something would be deleted on your computer's hard drive after a reset because that is how your computer would be made. Generally speaking, the reset option in Windows often only affects drivers where your Windows is already installed.

However, you should check with the computer manufacturer if you use the restore factory option on your PC that the manufacturer of your device provided. In any event, backing up everything before conducting a reset is always a smart idea. For example, you can create a Windows 10 system image on an external hard drive.

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A factory reset will not uninstall your secondary hard drive.

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