What Would You Recommend the Best Way to Backup 20 Computers?

The title says it all. Please recommend the best way for me to back up 20 computers. Any suggestions will be good! 

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Rel· Answered on Mar 30, 2023

Hello, although I don't know how you will use these 20 computers, if you want to back up each computer separately, it will be very troublesome. You must perform the same operations on each computer, which must be a significant burden and inefficient for you.

I suggest that you purchase a cost-effective NAS server and use NAS as the server for these 20 computers and store all important data on the same server. When you need to back up the data of these 20 computers, you only need to back up NAS instead. This greatly reduces your workload, improves your backup efficiency, and makes it easier for you to manage computer data.

Now, your question can be simplified to how to back up the NAS server. The solution to this issue is to find powerful and stable professional backup software. Based on your situation, I believe EaseUS Todo Backup Home will be one of the ideal options.

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Whether you want to store data locally, on an external HDD, or a third-party platform, EaseUS Todo Backup Home can help you quickly complete all backup tasks. 

It can provide advanced backup functions to help you back up computer systems, important files, personal data, or entire disks. If you have additional needs, it can also support rich backup settings and create multiple backup tasks at the same time.

With the help of EaseUS Todo Backup Home, managing the data of 20 computers will be very easy.

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