What Will I Lose If I Reset Windows 10?

Something is wrong with my Windows 10 laptop because it is running slowly. So, I want to reset it to get a better performance. But I worry I will lose everything on my Windows 10 computer. What will I lose if I reset my Windows 10?

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Jerry· Answered on Jul 20, 2023

Resetting Windows 10 will restore your computer to its factory settings, erasing all your personal files, programs, and settings.

The following is what you will lose if you reset your Windows 10:

  • Personal files.
  • Installed programs.
  • Personal settings.
  • Windows update.
  • Device drivers.

Resetting the computer will restore the operating system to its initial state, much like when you initially purchased it. However, the drivers, programs, and software can be reinstalled from the original manufacturer.

Resetting Windows 10 is a severe measure that should only be taken if all other alternatives have been tried and the system is having serious problems that can't be fixed in any other way. Always back up your crucial data and configurations before resetting your computer.

If you want to back up your important data, it would be best to use professional backup software, like EaseUS Todo Backup. This is because Windows built-in backup tools cannot meet your every backup need and have no advanced backup options.

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You will lose your personal files, programs, and settings if you reset your Windows 10. But if you use backup software like EaseUS Todo Backup to back up your data, everything will be kept safe and sound.

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