What to Backup Before Reinstalling Windows 10?

I frequently forget to make a backup when reinstalling Windows on my computer. Even though I'm a seasoned computer user and have done this countless times, it never fails to shock me how frequently I forget to back up things. What to back up before reinstalling Windows 10?

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Jerry· Answered on Nov 17, 2023

You should know that reinstalling Windows will erase all your files, installed programs, and preferences. As a result, before reinstalling Windows 10, the following items need to be backed up:

  • Photos, movies, music, and documents from personal files.
  • Common applications.
  • Your hardware's drivers.
  • Back up the database for the Server computer.
  • Passwords and usernames for all the websites and programs you use.
  • License keys or serial numbers for your applications.

Knowing what to back up before reinstalling Windows 10 is now possible. However, you require a specialized backup tool to help you.

Under such circumstances, EaseUS Todo Backup, a free backup tool, can help you to back up your data before reinstalling Windows 10.

EaseUS Todo Backup is a practical and multi-functional backup and restore utility. It can help you to automatically back up your files, systems, computer apps, disks, etc., and save the backups to various locations. Besides, it lets you create a recovery partition and offers a security zone and 250G free cloud storage to store your data.

Understanding your motivations is crucial when reinstalling Windows. You will risk losing vital information if you don't initially back up your files. In addition, the process might be tedious and annoying if you don't know what program you're using.

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