What Is the Purpose of Windows Server Backup?

I read some information about Windows Server 2022 and know that there is a built-in backup service in Windows Server. However, if there is a built-in backup function, why do most people still use other backup software that needs to be purchased? What is the purpose of windows server backup? Is it useful?

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Windows Server Backup is a built-in feature provided by Windows. It contains a set of wizards and other tools and is dedicated to backup and restoring the currently installed server for users.

Windows Servers are so essential because they can collect and serve files or information that users request. Therefore, it is very important to create a server backup to protect data security. 

You can use Windows Server Backup to create backups for local or remote computers and perform subsequent management. Also, you can schedule backups to run automatically. This is the purpose of Windows Server Backup.

However, at present, Windows Server Backup is not comprehensive and has many limitations, which leads to its low practicability. Here are some of its disadvantages:

  • Windows Server Backup does not recognize the virtualized Windows server
  • Because only Hyper-V can fully recover data, backup options are limited
  • Only volumes formatted as NTFS can be set as backup sources/targets

Those are why most people still use other backup software like EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise to be their Windows server backup helper. Unlike Windows Server Backup, EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise is simple to use, efficient in work, and has powerful backup functions. It can offer great server automatic backup solutions with incremental and differential backup modes to protect your data security.

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To summarize, Windows Server Backup’s purpose is to back up and restore servers for users. But due to its limitations, you’d better use EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise to back up your Windows servers.

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