What Is the Easiest Way to Backup All Projects to An External Hard Drive?

I've been using external hard drives to back up my Macbook, but I'm looking for a more stable, efficient backup method that will allow me to complete all the backup processes quickly. Also, does anyone know what to do if an external hard drive fails? The external hard drive I used to back up before was dropped, and all the data stored on it was lost. What should I do to prevent this from happening again?

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Rel· Answered on Oct 18, 2023

Based on your answer, I think the best, easiest, and most effective backup method for you is to use EaseUS Todo Backup for Mac, a powerful backup software to backup your Macbook, for two reasons in total:

  • First, EaseUS Todo Backup for Mac meets all common backup needs.

The macOS is equipped with a free backup program for all users - Time Machine, which does provide excellent backup solutions for Mac users. But if you want a full backup of your computer, Time Machine doesn't work. It can't back up system log files, applications, iCloud, temporary files, and more.

If you want to create full backups of your Macbook and store them for a long time, then EaseUS can help a lot. In addition to basic files and disks, EaseUS can back up your system, personal settings, app data, and even your entire PC. Also, you can create one or more backup scenarios, and EaseUS will do all the data backups and copy updates for you automatically.

If you don't want to put your data at any risk, following the 3-2-1 backup rule is a must - keep 3 copies of your data on multiple media, and one of them offline. Using only external hard drives to back up your data is not a good way to go, and you should not put all your eggs in one basket. 

EaseUS can help you keep copies of your data on multiple media such as local, third-party cloud, and external devices, and even gives you 250GB of free space to keep your data in the cloud.

To sum up, I think the easiest way to back up all your projects to an external hard drive is to use EaseUS Todo Backup for Mac to create an automatic backup schedule.

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