What Is the Best Backup Strategy for A Student?

Hello guys! I am a newbie in backup and a student in college. Since I need to write a lot of papers and have important study materials saved on my computer, I would like to get a good custom backup plan for my PC to prevent data loss. I have researched many backup products suggested by my classmates, including various providers of cloud backup, professional backup software, etc., but I can't decide at the moment. Do you have any good suggestions?

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Hello friend! I'm glad that you realize the importance of backups at such a young age. For students, I guess the data you usually need to back up would include your study materials, professional papers or photos, videos, etc. For these types of backup, many people will choose to find the cheapest cloud backup plan and use cloud backup as their backup means.

Cloud backup is indeed a very practical way of backup, as it does not take up the memory of your computer or external hard drive compared to local backup, and it is convenient for you to recover your data anytime and anywhere. However, the security of cloud backup is not maximized at present. If your account or password is stolen, all your backups will be in absolute danger.

And according to the 3-2-1 backup rule, to achieve the highest level of file security, you need to keep multiple backups on at least two media, one of which must be an off-site backup. So, I think you should customize your backup strategy to have both local and cloud backups, and in this regard, EaseUS Todo Backup Home is the best backup product for you.

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This backup software offers advanced features for all common backup plans based on a 3-2-1 backup strategy. You can create multiple types of backup plans at the same time and choose to save your backups on your PC, on an external HDD, on a third-party platform, or in the free cloud space provided by EaseUS. Although the free space EaseUS provides is only 250GB, it is enough for students to keep a lot of important data.

In addition to backing up files, if you also need to back up your system, entire disks, app data, etc., EaseUS Todo Backup easily does the job for you as well.

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