What Does a Full Backup Include?

My wife is planning on getting a new Windows computer. She has a lot of important data saved on her computer and wants to perform a full backup for the old computer. We would like to know what a full backup exactly includes. Does it include anything, like photos, videos, and documents? Can you give me an exact answer?

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Larissa· Answered on Feb 27, 2023

A full backup is one type of backup to create a complete copy of all configured data on your computer. It will contain all settings, applications, the operating system, hard drives, system-related files, documents, photo files, video files, etc.

The full backup, sometimes called system image, is an effective recovery measure when your data is lost, or important files are destroyed. It will help to restore all data to your computer quickly without affecting work efficiency. And a full backup can easily replace an older version by deleting it and creating the latest backup file. 

Unlike incremental backup and differential backup, a full backup is the most fundamental and comprehensive backup. It will copy all data to a disk or other storage devices each time you perform a full backup. As a consequence, a full backup is performed occasionally if your media set contains much information. Alternatively, you can combine it with the differential and incremental backup to save time and storage space.

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