What Do You Use to Backup Your Edits?

I had not previously made backups of my data and kept all my edits on an external hard drive. I thought everything would be fine, but then there was an accident. My hard drive broke down, and all data was unreadable. Although I got someone to fix my hard drive later, I don't want to have such a crushing feeling ever again. Does anyone have any good backup solutions? Any suggestions I would greatly appreciate!

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Rel· Answered on Nov 17, 2023

Hi, I'm very sorry to hear about your previous terrifying experience. I can imagine how devastating it can be when data stored on an external hard drive is unreadable.

Many of my friends have had similar experiences to yours. They all chose to keep important data on their computers, on external hard drives, or in cloud space, and like you, none of them made additional backups. But when disaster strikes, many people aren't as lucky as you, and their data is permanently lost.

Because of this, it is very dangerous to keep your data in one media. You need to check the 3-2-1 backup rule, which means keeping 3 or more copies of your data in 2 media, but you need to ensure one is kept off-site. So, you should find a backup tool that fits that rule perfectly professionally, and EaseUS Todo Backup Home is one of them.

EaseUS Todo Backup Home has extremely powerful backup features and supports you in customizing a unique backup solution according to your needs. You can choose from various backup modes, such as full backup, incremental backup, differential backup, etc., to create an automatic backup schedule for your edits.

After setting up your backup target, EaseUS will provide you with a variety of storage options, including your usual external HDD, local computer disk, third-party platform, or free cloud space Ease provides.

In summary, I recommend you use EaseUS Todo Backup to create multiple backup plans simultaneously and keep your edits in a highly secure environment.

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