What Are Your Favorite Tools to Backup Reddit Data?

I have been finding for a way to back up Reddit's complete data. Although Reddit is very popular, I have always been surprised by how few tools currently have the ability to obtain Reddit data. Do you have any useful tool recommendations?

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Rel· Answered on Mar 29, 2023

I am generally used to using two tools to save my Reddit content.

The first tool is Archivebox. I often use it to save my Reddit posts. With the help of cronjob, I can easily export my saved projects using the command. After that, I can now use Archivebox to help me manage Reddit's files.

Archivebox also has some disadvantages, such as:

There is no ability to browse/use the items you saved

You can save the project to disk, but the file name is based on your ID.

But overall, I think Archivebox is still a good tool to use. It has a full-text search engine that is very suitable for managing your Reddit posts and capturing the data you want to save. I even use it to save Twitter content.

The second tool is a Bulk downloader for Reddit. For my favorite posts, I can use it to download those content.

With the help of these two tools, I have saved many posts. The problem is, because Archivebox needs to be saved to disk if there is any problem with my computer, the files and data that I have managed to save will be lost. This is something I cannot accept. Therefore, I usually use EaseUS Todo Backup Home to back up all Reddit data to the cloud space provided by it.

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EaseUS Todo Backup Home has given me a good user experience. My post is about 10GB in size, but the backup process is swift. EaseUS also supports setting the incremental backup mode. 

When I save new Reddit posts using the above two tools, EaseUS will update my backup for me as soon as possible. This is my favorite feature, which saves me a lot of energy.

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