How to Transfer 3DS Data without System Transfer

My 3DS is damaged and it only runs for fifteen to twenty minutes before it freezes or crashes. I can't waste time transferring the whole system. Is there any way to transfer my saved data to a new system? Or can I transfer 3DS data without system transfer?

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Melissa Lee· Answered on Jan 18, 2023

Unfortunately, if you don't have the console, you can't get the data you want without transferring the original system. If you had the console, you'd be able to do things differently but that is difficult, too.

3DS titles are tied to the console, not to any ID. The data saved on the SD card is encrypted with a key unique to that console. While system transfer is moving the key to a different console, and then generates a new random encryption key. Therefore, without finishing the transfer, the saves cannot be used on another console.

The official website of Nintendo states that you can only do things through transfer. Therefore, although there are stories online saying that you can contact Nintendo to get your stuff back, it may not be so reliable.

But if you find system transfer too time-wasting, you may try to back up only the most important data and delete all others before transferring. That could save some time.

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